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9 Nights 10 Days Tibet Tour highlights

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9 Nights 10 Days Tibet Tour Overview

Tibet is the most popular tourist destination in Asia and famous from Dalai lama born place in Tibet, there many different kinds of Buddhist monetary with Buddhist culture and heritage Get most of the Tibet with 9 nights 10 days tour in  Tibet Tour from Kathmandu.  when travelers are starting from  Kathmandu to fly or by jeep depending on your program, Tibet is very steak rule and regulation for Chinese government handling everything in Tibet, so are is very treeless are part of the desert with beautiful snowcap mountain in the top of the hill so we found them during the tour many different kinds of flora and fauna biodiversity, planet, Tibetan history, culture, lifestyle, agriculture with Langues on we travel by jeep every camp we found the very nice region of the place when we reach the Lasha durbar we feel the peace and third eye buddha statues Dalai lama born place when they are leave-in Tibet he makes the mandala and very peace full divine of the art gallery with Megistive view of mountain and land      Visit Everest Base Camp from the Tibet side and visits the famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and many other famous places in Tibet. Drepung monastery and Sera monastery are the other famous places included in 9 nights 10 days Tibet Tour from Kathmandu.

Tibet is deeply religious land with an ancient culture which is preserved and practised till today . Visiting the scared places , beautiful monastreries where people worship is really inspiring. It is an experience that remains with those fortunate enough to visit this magical place. 

Why choose the Tibet tour?

Tibet has so much to offer travellers seeking the path less travelled , the off-beaten trails with vast high altitudes and landscapes , unadultered nature , unique and vibrant festivals and a fascinating ancient culture.There are several reasons to visit this beautiful and mystical place. 

1. Unique Landscapes : Tibet is considered as the roof of the world because vast majority of Tibetan land sits at an altitude of 4500 m or higher. The unique mountain desert contrasted with high snow capped peaks including Mount Everest, offers a beautiful and unique landscape that leaves any travellers in awe .Tibet is also a superb trekking destination. The remarkable landscapes and high HImalayas views are one of the greatest reason to visit Tibet. The beautiful prayer flags along the off-beaten and winding trail will make you feel the greatness of this vast ancient land.

2. Tibetan People and their culture: Tibetans are deeply religious people which is the reason why all those ancient Tibetan culture is still practised . Their utmost devotion to Buddhism can be traced back to the earliest days of Buddhism which is almost 13 years ago . The profound influence of Buddhism is another reason to visit Tibet.  Aside from a widely different gods and goddess of Buddhism worshipped by Tibetans , they also worship mountains and nature as living deities. You can also see people spinning prayer wheels and walking around temple and monasteriesand even mountains chanting Buddhist mantras. The process ia always clockwise but don't get confused if you see some people spinnig prayer wheels in anticlock wise directions as local Tibetan Indigenous people ,who follow Bon religion, walk around sacred site in anti clock wise directions and also spin mani wheel in anti clockwisw directions.

Despite the grandeur of amazing scenery , the most unforgettable part if Tibet visit is its people. From the local foods like yak butter tea offeren by a monk in remote monastery to participate on a picnic with herding family on the shores of sacred and remote lake , you are boun to leave Tibet with a deeper and different insight and appreciation of their unique cultural identity.

3. Unique and vibrant festivals : Tibet is full of unique festival celebrations through out the year. More than 100 festivals are celebrated with colorful customes , street arts and many more. This add more fun and a different vibe in your adventure. Every year, a new year celebration is performed in March where all the things are closed from business to government offices. Its a month long celebration so if you wish to see this amazing celebration you either have to enter Tibet before March or find a local guide to get you permit early . But surely , you don't want  to miss this grand oppurtunity of huge celebration. Another major celebration is Saga Dawa festival held at Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash is the most sacred place for Hindus as they believe Mount Kailash as the home of Lord Shiva. Since Buddhis and HIndus have many common sacred places , Mount Kailash is the special one , worshipped equally by bth Hindus and Buddhists. 

During Saga Dawa festivals , thousands of pilgrims through out Tibet , India  and Nepal visit and pay homage to Mount  Kailash which has long been regarded by HIndus and Buddhists as the Mythical Moount Meeru , the cosmic centre of the universe from which all life flows. People will gather and pay homage to the mountain by performing a kora or a clockwise circumambulation of the base of the mountain which lasts for several days and crosses a 5800 m pass.

Tibet tour highlights

Tibet is considered the roof of the world as most part of Tibet is situated above 4500 m. The major attentions of Tibet are : 

  • huge glacicer ,sacred lakes
  • natural landscapes,Sakya monastery ,Tashilhunpo monastery, Gyastse monastery,Karola glacicer, Yamdrok lake 
  • Potala palace , Jokhang temple 
  • Sera monastery and Drepung monastery etc
  • a typically different landscapes of cold mountain desert. 

The Best Time to travel Tibet: Special Tibet tour is best everytime of the year but depend upon the the temperature and the mode of transportation like , trek ,motorcyle tour or jeep tour. However for the best scenes and temperature , summer( June to November) and Spring( Mid- February to May) are considered the best season to visit Tibet. 

Tibet tour, 2022-23

Tibet tour  is one of the best travelled destation all around the world in  the year 2022 is nearly open the tibet border after the may  so tibet has to very good majority with eathinic  budhhist culture,primary infulance on local people doing the art ,music and festival of region they can involved the occupaide .there are mosly   have  to good popularrity and scenice tibetian people economy dominated by subsistence, agirculture through tourism the border is boundary and secure the 18th century there are highest elevesation is everest base camp  it was natural beauty of the nature the unifed heartland under buddhist gelug scholl it was most popular  tibet have the beautifull himalaya landscape and river, monastery they have to own region of the  history 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why choose Tibet ?

Tibet is considered the roof of the world as most part of Tibet sits above 4000 m altitude. Tibet is known for its ancient culture and traditions and 100 different beautiful and colorful festivals. Tibet home a sacred mountain of Mount Kailash and a scred lake , Mansarobar where thousands of Buddhist and Hindus visit to pay homage to Lord Shiva . Tibet is also the home of His Holy Dalai Lama . The beautiful landscapes and mountainscapes , a base camp to Mount Everest from the North Side , small Nomad settlements , lots of beautiful and emerald lakes decorate this paradise of earth. 

2. Do I get on-arrival visa to Tibet ?

To get a Visa for Tibet ,either you have to apply form the mainland China or come to Nepal and apply it from here .

3. How expensive is Everest Base Camp Trek from Tibet  side?

The trek to Everest Base Camp from the Tibetan side is just 15 -20 % more than from Nepal side. However , the flight fares are a little expensive . 

4. Is there a probablity of altitude sickness in Tibet ?

Since , most part of Tibet is situated above 4000 m , there is always a probablity of suffering from altitude sickness. However , it can be avoided if you follow the instructions of your tour and trek leader carefully.

5. What is the highest altitude attained while trekking in Tibet ?

 The highest point a trekker can trek in Tibet is the Everest Base camp which is situated at an altitude of approximately 5,500 m above sea level.

6. Is it safe to travel Tibet ?

Definitely , Tibet is safe to travel because we provide licensed local guide to guide you through Tibet.

7. How lng is Tibet Tour ?

Tibet tour is normally 9 nights and 10 days tour .

8. Where do your start and end your journey ?

 The journey starts and ends in Kathmandu.



When you arrive in Lhasa either by train or flight, your guide will greet you and take you to your hotel. A route to viewing the Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river (the Longest and largest river in Tibet) and Lhasa river.

After arrive in Lhasa, you can take rest and acclimatize. If you feel to go out, then you can go to the Potala square, where you will enjoy the fountain with different color and get amazing photos of the Potala and around. Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Today's tour will first bring you to the Potala Palace, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama. It has been used since the 7th Century by the 33rd great king of Tibet. The most valuable collections are the gilded burial stupas of past Dalai Lamas and meditation Cave of the 33rd great king of Tibet. After you take lunch and then head to Jokhang temple which was founded by the 33rd great king of Tibet in the 7th century, in order to promote the Buddhist religion. Inside you can see the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at the age of twelve, perhaps the single most venerated object in Tibet Buddhism. Around the temple Barkhor street where you can kora (circling the Barkor street) with pilgrims and locals and buy the souvenirs. Stay overnight in Lhasa

In the morning, you are going to visit Drepung monastery which was one of the “three greet” Gelug monasteries of Tibet and was founded in 1416 by Jamyang choge, one of the Tsongkhapa’s main disciples. Ganden palace is used as Dalai lama’s palace in the Drepung before moving to the Potala palace.Afternoon, Sera Monastery---It was one of the “three great” Gelug monasteries of Tibet and was founded in 1419 by Jamchen chojey, one of the Tsongkhapa’s main disciples. The highlight is the Monks debate at around 3 - 5 in the afternoon.Stay overnight in Lhasa

Today, we have to drive from Lhasa to Gyantse. On the way, the group will pass over the Gampala pass (4790 m),and tourists will have a glimpse of Yamdrok-tso (4400m) .The Lake is surrounded by many snow-capped mountain and in the distance you have spectacular views of Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar, (7191m) the highest mountain near Lhasa .We head westward along the lake and drive towards Gyantse. Gyantse was historically Tibet's third largest city (after Lhasa and Shigatse). In Gyantse, we will visit the famous Pelkor Monastery and Gyantse Kumbum.After one and a half hour's driving, we arrive in Shigatse, which is the second largest city in Tibet. In Shigatse, we’ll visit Tashilunpo Monastery, the seat of Tibet's second highest incarnation, the Panchen Lama.Stay Overnight in Shigatse

We’ll leave Shigatse after getting your Alien’s travel permit, and then drive to Lhatse. It is a small town where you can take lunch.After that, you will drive to Shegar and if the weather is clear enough then on the way down to shegar you will view the Mt, Everest in the distance.After 4 to 6 hours then you will arrive at Rongbuk monastery but on the way, you will pass one of the highest passes in Tibet (pang la pass height 5050m) from that’s pass you will view the whole five highest peaks in the world.Stay overnight at tent or Rongbuk monastery guest house.

In the morning, you can see the sunrise appearing on the top of Mt Everest, and have a full view the magnificent Mt. Everest standing like a snow-capped pyramid in front of you at Rongpuk, which is the vantage point for watching Mt. Everest. Then you may trek from tent to Base camp 4/km one way or go to EBC by local bus.

After visiting the base camp, tourists can tour Rongphu Monastery which is the highest monastery in the world (5000m) and belongs to Nyingma sect.  After that drive back to Shigatse stays overnight in Shigatse.

Today, we will drive back to Lhasa on the friendship Highway. The whole distance is almost 280km and it takes 6 hours along the Yarlung Tsangpo River / Bhamaputra River (the Longest and-largest-river-Tibet). Stay   overnight in Lhasa

In the morning, drive from Lhasa to Lake Namtso. On the way, you can see Nyenchen Thanglha( snow mountain ranges )and lots of nomads tent with grazing yak and sheep densely-populated around the mountain side. Namtso Lake is the Heavenly lake which is one of the four holy lakes of Tibet and also the highest salt lake. You can do a very relaxing trekking around the lake side and Tashi Island.To spend a night at lake shore is fantastic to see the stars. Stay overnight in Namtso Guest house

Enjoy the clear morning at the lakeshore, you can trek along the lakeshore to Tashi Dor Island to explore the meditation caves. Drive to Dumxung to have lunch. In the afternoon, you may enjoy Yangpachen hot spring (Optional) and have both indoor and outdoor swimming pool filled with hot springs water. Finally, head back to Lhasa.Stay overnight in Lhasa

The guide will transfer you to the airport or train station and help you get on board.

Tours in Tibet

Route Map

Includes & Excludes

  • Tibet travel permit and all other necessary permits to Tibet; 
  • All entrance ticket fees for all tourist sites listed in the itinerary;
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary;
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking Tibetan local tour guide shared in your group;
  • Comfortable Hotel Accommodations;
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes;
  • Arrangements include planning, handling, operational and communication charges.
  • Flight (Kathmandu-Lhasa and Lhasa-Kathmandu)
  • Visa
  • Welcome Dinner in local restaurant when group members meet in Lhasa
  • Free Airport shuttle transfer between Lhasa Gongar airport and Hotel.
  • Group tours only include a welcome dinner after your arrival in Tibet.
  • Tibet Handy Map
  • Bottle Oxygen supply when travelling to EBC
  • Eco-bus between Rongpuk and EBC
  • Drinking water Provided during the trip
  • One shared big Oxygen tank in the car; 
    • Lunch and Dinner during stay in Hotel (except trekking)
    • Tips for Guide, Driver and Sherpa Staffs
    • Any Additional cost due to Natural calamity and Unforeseen Circumstances and etc.

Useful Info

Adventure altitude treks always give true information and professional leader.

Departure Dates for 9 Nights 10 Days Tibet Tour - 10 days

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