About Us

About Adventure Altitude Treks: Redefining Travel Experience

You've found your ideal solution for adventure seekers who wish to discover the charming sceneries in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet without worrying about complicated arrangements. At Adventure AltitudeTreks, we make your travel dreams come true with customised and hassle-free packages.

Travelling with Adventure Altitude Treks guarantees you an experience of a lifetime. And yes, we give you a specialised package that will suit your every angle requirements. We have strong teams of committed professionals who will strive for excellence to offer superb travel experiences.

We pride ourselves in a Dedicated and competent pool of professionals devoted to making it possible for you to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will last a lifetime while enjoying the best settings possible. For over 9 years,  Adventure Altitude Treks, one of the most reliable names in the travel industry, has offered quality services in the management sector.

We were born and raised in remote yet fantastic places of our mountainous country, one of the most popular hiking grounds today. Thus, we can understand the nature of the land, the difficulties, and the mysteries of its territories.

We have a group of individuals of different ages who are educated, responsible, empathetic, and ethical. They are equally diligent, friendly, and helpful and speak English and another language fluently.

As we have personally encountered the hardships of remote parts of Nepal, we are actively involved in societal contribution. We also value environmental preservation and strive to avoid any form of tracks in our trails and destinations.

Where Are We Located?

Our office is located in Thamel, just opposite the popular club LOD - Lord of the Drinks in Kathmandu. The Adventure Altitude Treks team is ready to serve you here. Putting the client's needs first, we execute, strategize, and adapt, resulting in a great service.

Join us for a trek or helicopter tour to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt.  Everest. Explore the various cultural milestones of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan on a customised multiple-country tour. Step through the mediaeval towns and cities of Kathmandu valley into a completely different way of life from what you are used to.

Our Mission:

We at Adventure Altitude Treks attempt to take care of every travel desire of our visitors. By doing that, we provide good service at low prices. Trust is the essence of our mission, building relationships for global audiences.

Our Vision:

Adventure Altitude Treks aims to be regarded as an outstanding brand for adventurers in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Our goal is to always go beyond our ambitions, striving to be better. Our aspiration to become an honest and dependable service can only be achieved with your support, becoming a true travel friend in our service industry.

How Are We Different?

Adve team has been exploring for over a decade to uncover remote destinations in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. We hire individuals with special skills, talents, and commitment to serve the customers. 

Why Choose Us?

Balanced Programs

The company has a committed group of people who strive incessantly to ensure the clients’ voyage is enjoyable and purposeful. 

We ensure that all our programs are well-developed and provide real experiences. A balanced relationship is maintained among nature, wildlife, animals, the local community, guides, porters, and the government that controls them. 

Price-Service Customization

Our belief is in providing transparent services, so we break down our costs per program. With this particular characteristic, our clients can opt for the preferred services. This is an exceptional flexibility we give our clients, allowing them to alter trip style, suitability, and time. Customers, conversely, can select the entire adventure by selecting the features they desire and avoiding those they do not need.

Benefits and Discounts

We believe that loyalty should be appreciated. Repeat clients get discounts on each trip that they book. We also provide discounts for bookings, group bookings, loyalty coupons, plus other types of discounts. We run various deals throughout the year, including group discounts, special discounts, last-minute deals, early birds, loyalty coupons, etc. Always book early for a discount on any trip. Any booking made a year prior will attract a discount.

Authentic Travel Experiences

Going off the beaten track results in magic. We interact with the natives, eat together as a group, tell them our stories, hear what they say about their lives, and cry and laugh with them. Such an experience shows you the other side of life while making it possible to get acquainted with the local culture.

Final Say 

The trekking company is registered under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of the Tourism Industry and the Department of Small and Cottage Industry. As an authorised licence holder, we can offer trekking, peak climbing, tour booking, mountaineering, rafting, and permits, among other tourism-related services.

We have a complete expertise, experienced, and credible tour company specialising in the provision of excellent trekking itineraries as well as adventure and cultural exploration vacations in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Trek the Everest Trail to base camp, see the mysteries of the Annapurna Range or visit prohibited / remote areas in the Himalayas (visited only by a handful of tourists each year). Explore the best parts of Nepal, spot one-horn rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, and other wild animals, or engage in the culture, landmarks, and gorgeous sights on earth with Adventure Altitude Treks. 

We can provide long or short walks depending on whether you consider yourself an athlete willing to tackle steep mountains and summits or someone looking forward to relaxing walks that are just a few days long but will allow them to soak up the mountain sceneries. We also conduct pilgrimage tours and city sightseeing, experience rich culture and traditions, camp in the wilderness, and climb some of the world’s highest mountains.