About Us

Mr. Raju Aryal, was born in the western part of Nepal in a small village in the Gorkha district from where we can literally have a sip of tea by watching Manaslu mountain in the early morning.  I completed schooling on the year of 2007 and started my career as Trekking Portor right after the 10th grade and worked in Himalayan Social Journey for almost 10 years as Trekking Guide Leader. Working in the trekking industry and studying at the same time was not an easy task for me at that time. But, time management is the key to success so, I completed my study and started working in 2010. Since then, facing lots of ups and down I made it to 2019 as one of the most skilled, successful, and hard-working trekking guides in Nepal. Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition hit my mind in mid-2019. Since the opening of this company. 

Adventure Altitude started its journey in 2019 to provide enjoyable holidays in and around Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. Managed by a professional team who have been working in Nepal tourism for more than a decade. The main motto of Adventure Altitude is to make your holidays the best ones. Committed to eco and responsible tourism, our team is entirely focused that the locals should benefit. We believe in preserving the environment and keeping natural resources in good condition for the future generation.

Unlike the hundreds of travel agencies, we value your time, money, and the dream of visiting the Himalayan country by making the trip memorable.