Gokyo lake trek

Gokyo lake trek, Cost, Itinerary, Map


    • Gokyo village, Ri, Lake
    • Namche Bazar
    • Lukla Airport
    • Sagarmatha National Park
    • Captivating beauty
    • Mount Everest

    Gokyo Ri trek is one of the exciting, adventurous, and lifetime experiences trekking routes in Nepal. The journey will start from Kathmandu- Lukla flight of about 30 minutes. The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is quite exciting as Lukla Airport is among the challenging airports in the world. And we will be viewing all the panoramic views of mountains, valley, villages, jungles, and many other beautiful natural beauty.

    We then move towards Namche Bazar by walking and this is the formal starting of our Gokyo Ri Trekking. Beautiful scenery on our way to Namche and even higher places will attract you again and again. The panoramic view of mountains, hills, and the way filled with snow will never let you feel tired and exhausted. 

    The beautiful Lake, valley, and its surroundings after reaching the Gokyo Ri make you feel ‘ I'm not going to leave this place. These are the combo trekking routes, where you will be exploring everything that can be found in the high Himalayas, some Lakes & glaciers as well. 

    As winter is colder than it was suitable for Human beings, the trekking routes remain closed in the winter season. The level of snow rises day by day and can even cover up to 1 meter. Which makes us human being uncomfortable with what we are willing to do. Gokyo Ri is a peak situated at 5350 meters around Gokyo Valley, and it is tall enough to see the majestic Mt Everest.

    Surrounding of Gokyo Ri

    There is a total of 19 lakes situated in Gokyo Valley, and every one of them has pure water and you can even drink it. Gokyo Lakes, hotels around it is the last place before the Gokyo Ri Trekking. This area offers the best view of other peaks around this place including Island peak, Mera peak, and Amadablam. The resort can be found in the lower region. 


    You will also be exploring Icefall and glaciers around these places. Gokyo Village is important for its cultural aspect also. Buddhist monasteries, Flags, and the lakes themselves have some cultural beliefs. 19 Lakes that can be found during Gokyo Ri treks are said to have cultural beliefs for Hindu People. And the monasteries inclined towards the Buddhist People.


    Useful Info

    Gokyo Ri trek Difficulties

    A moderate Gokyo Ri trek difficulties depend upon when you want to go trekking. At the time of winter, the place seems much colder as mentioned earlier. The temperature may fall up to -25 degrees celsius. This cold environment and surroundings may make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. Altitude Sickness is the main problem during this trek. 

    Even Though we will be bringing cures for the sickness of all kinds, we recommend that you book this trekking in the Summer or Autumn Season.

    Best time of Year

    As winter is much colder and in the rainy season, the way seems much slippery than it is in the other season, The best time for Gokyo Ri Trekking is in Summer and Autumn. In these seasons we can have the best panoramic view of the mountain and its surroundings.

    Getting to the top of Gokyo Ri is also easier in Autumn and Summer. 

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