Meet the Team

  • Rohit Subedi
    Deputy Managing Director

    Rohit Subedi

    Hailing from the scenic expanse of Chitwan in Parsa, nestled adjacent to the enchanting Chitwan National Park, Mr. Rohit Subedi graces Adventure Altitude Treks Managing Director. Since his induction in 2018, immediately following the attainment of his master's degree, Rohit's journey has been marked by excellence. Elevating his role, our company entrusted him with the mantle of Tour Coordinator, specializing in crafting unparalleled journeys across Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

  • Raju Aryal
    Managing Director

    Raju Aryal

    Raju Aryal, a native of Nepal's western expanse, exemplifies an exceptional blend of scholastic pursuit and dynamic engagement within the realm of tourism. His journey has been marked by the deft orchestration of both educational endeavors and dedicated involvement in the tourism sector. Navigating the complex interplay between academics and industry, Raju undertook the role of a trekking team leader in 2010, laying the foundation for a decade-long voyage of immersive experience.

    With an extensive tenure within Nepal's trekking domain, Raju's insights and expertise evolved into a transformative vision – the inception of Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition in 2019. This brainchild emerged as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his resolute aspiration to contribute uniquely to the travel industry. Adventure Altitude swiftly embraced its mission of curating mesmerizing journeys throughout Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan, guided by Raju's profound understanding of the nuances of these diverse destinations.

    Today, Adventure Altitude stands as a testament to Raju's unyielding dedication, harnessing his decade of practical experience and education. With an unrelenting drive for exceptionalism, Raju Aryal's journey from western Nepal to the helm of Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition serves as a beacon of innovation and commitment within the tourism landscape.

  • Roshni Subedi
    Account Manager

    Roshni Subedi

    Miss Rashmi Subedi, is an adept professional in the realm of accounts, within the distinguished folds of Adventure Altitude Treks. With a remarkable span of 7 years in the industry, Rashmi has exhibited an intricate mastery over every facet of the accounting domain. Hailing from the charming landscapes of Chitwan, Nepal, her journey is characterized by unwavering responsibility and sincerity. Rashmi Subedi is a testament to meticulous proficiency and dedicated commitment in the dynamic world of Adventure Altitude Treks.

  • Ram Paudel
    Travel Consultant-Central Europe

    Ram Paudel

    Guided by the maxim that every crisis presents an opportunity, Ram Paudel seamlessly joined our ranks amidst the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. Hailing from the enchanting city of Hamburg, Germany, Ram's role encompasses nurturing both longstanding patrons and fresh clientele. A confluence of past exploits in advertising, media, and consulting render him a quintessential asset, a fact that we deeply pride ourselves on.

    Beyond his professional prowess, Ram is an avid photographer and an ardent hiker. As a photographer, he captured the essence of Nepal's last nomadic tribe, the Raute, documenting their unique lifestyle in exquisite detail. Collaborating with the Jimmynelson Foundation, his photographic narrative of the Inca Sun Festival "Inti Raymi" in Cusco, Peru, stands as a testament to his storytelling finesse.

    With an unwavering commitment to our clientele, Ram serves as your gateway to the realms of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. Even amid the challenges posed by COVID-19, he steadfastly believes that the allure of travel persists. Ram remains dedicated to offering you insights and guidance, whether through phone conversations, Zoom calls, or Teams sessions, ensuring your journey remains extraordinary, even in these trying times.

  • Ram Ghimire
    Marketing Manager

    Ram Ghimire

    Mr. Ram Chandra Ghimire, a native of the mid-western region of Nepal, achieved his Master's Degree in IT and Tourism from Melbourne University. With a commendable 5-year engagement in the tourism domain, Ram Chandra has meticulously cultivated expertise within the industry. He honed his skills as a travel consultant across various Australian agencies, amassing invaluable insights. Beyond his amiable disposition, Ram Chandra possesses a command of both spoken and written English. His recent inclusion in the Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition team is in the capacity of a travel consultant focused on catering to the Australian clientele.

  • Ram Chandra Pandey
    Trekking Guide

    Ram Chandra Pandey

    Born in the Gorkha district of Nepal, Mr. Ram began his trekking journey in 2016 following the completion of his studies. He has cultivated profound expertise in mountain exploration, particularly in regions such as Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Upper Mustang Trek, and Manaslu Trekking. Mr. Ram stands out as a remarkably affable and adept English-speaking guide, epitomizing friendliness and excellence.

  • Urmila Ghimire
    Yoga Teacher

    Urmila Ghimire

    Yoga is a spiritual art and science, harmonizing mind and body. The term "yoga" comes from "Yuj," uniting individual and universal consciousness. It embodies interconnectedness, leading to liberation. Yoga's essence lies in self-realization, eradicating suffering for unburdened living. Rooted in ancient culture, yoga offers material and spiritual upliftment. Urmila Ghimire, a dynamic yoga teacher, enhances this journey, guiding your efforts toward harmony and self-mastery.

  • Ang Dawa Sherpa
    Trekking Leader

    Ang Dawa Sherpa

    Born in 1993, Mr. Ang Dawa Sherpa hails from the Solu Khumbu district. With over 8 years as a seasoned trekking leader since 2011, he holds a professional training certificate from the Government of Nepal. His expertise spans Trekking guiding, first aid, and mountaineering. A valued member of our team for 5 years, Ang Dawa possesses not only a warm and affable demeanor but also an extensive understanding of local communities, cultures, and the intricate details of various trails and their significance.

  • Mr Som Bahadur Gurung
    Trekking Guide

    Mr Som Bahadur Gurung

    Hailing from the Manaslu Region within Gorkha District, Mr. Som B. Gurung's journey within the tourism sector commenced in 2010. Initiating his career as a porter, he has ascended to the esteemed role of Trekking Guide, encompassing extensive insights into local communities and destinations. Backed by 12 years of industry prowess, his proficiency equips him to adeptly navigate diverse terrains and lesser-traveled paths. Mr. Gurung successfully completed his trekking guide course in 2005, duly attaining Government registration as a trekking team leader. A treasure trove of 12 years of practical experience, his repertoire spans diverse cultures, places, and their historical, cultural, and spiritual significance.

  • Galjen  Sherpa 
    Geljen Sherpa- Everest Climber

    Galjen  Sherpa 

    Mr. Galjen Sherpa, who hails from Khumbu region, stands as a consummate professional in the realms of climbing and trekking guidance. Equipped with over a decade of practical experience and formal training sanctioned by the Ministry of Travel & Tourism, he embodies a distinctive blend of expertise and commitment. His credentials include the successful completion of an English language training course in 2006, in addition to specialized training in icefall doctor climbing and first aid. Mr. Sherpa's prowess shines through his adeptness and genial approach, underscored by a profound understanding of client satisfaction. Characterized by a penchant for action over words, he consistently surpasses expectations, a fact attested by the recurring demand for his guidance from discerning guests.

  • Karleigh Honeybrook
    Travel Consultant

    Karleigh Honeybrook

    "Karleigh’s living in Sydney,  Australia. She is an adventure seeker who loves hiking, mountaineering. She is a fun-loving adventurer who loves to travel all around the world. Miss Karleigh had visited  Nepal in 2013 where she completed the  Annapurna circuit-poon hill trekking with us. She has no hesitation in recommending this company. Miss. Karleigh has joined this  Adventure Altitude Treks team as a travel consultant in Sydney. Australia.

  • Rohan
    Travel Consultant


    Mr. Rohan, hailing from the Karnataka state of India and currently an IT professional settled in Pune. Recently, I started traveling in India as well as abroad and from then I started developing my passion to explore new places. My choice of places is more adventure related like camping, caving, and trekking. However, I do like sightseeing to find out about new places of interest, history, and beauty. Therefore, from my experience, I can help in creating good and unique itineraries that travelers won't regret visiting again.