Lower Dolpo Trek


    • Sheyphuksumdo lake
    • Yarsa Gumba
    • Jufal Airport
    • Buddhist monasteries and religion
    • Desert Area in high altitude
    • Bhote Culture

    Lower Dolpo Trekking, an adventure on Shey Phuksumdo National park the largest National park of Nepal with an area of 3,555 sq.km, where the endangered snow leopard and several other wildlife have made their home. Lower Dolpo Trekking leads you to unforgettable memories and experience on this wild side of Nepal. The beauties with unique landscapes and views of snow-capped peaks as far to the world 7th highest Dhaulagiri range of mountains.

    Starting with a sweeping scenic flight to Nepal Far South at Terai belt to land at Nepalgunj for overnight before taking another exciting short flight to Jhupal at Dolpo, where our trek commences heading towards picturesque Phuksundo lake around Ringmo cultural village. With marvelous time at Phuksundo Lake, then heading to cross the highest pass of the adventure over Baga-la and Numa-La to reach around the huge valley of Dhotarap where our walks lead visiting its impressive villages of Tokyu and Dhotarap with a tour of its monasteries of great interest.

    The Lower Dolpo ttrekking offers an amazing trekking experience in the most remote far western region of Nepal . This 19 day trek begins with a memorable day tour of Kathmandu with UNESCO whorld heritage sites . Next day, we will fly to Nepalgunj and then to Jhupal the another day. From there, our trek through the most remote locations begins. O the way , you will admire the beautiful rain-shadow landscapes of vast Himalayas while walking through the off-beaten , completely raw and unadultered trails , valleys and settlements. Dolpo being the biggest district of Nepal, is a full package of mystical adventures and experiences. Apart from the beautiful landscapes and nature , Dolpo also offers a beautiful and ancient culture and traditons of Dolpali people who follow pre-Buddhism Bon Po religion. While on the trail , you can encounter the yak caravans that maintains the traditional dsat trade with Tibetian pleatue . We will cross tow high passes namely - Numa La and Baga La through the mountain desert along with the view of mount Dhaulagiri, Thar mountain and many peaks. The most fascinating part of the trek is the view of torquoise water of Phoksundo Lake, the deepest and second biggest lake of Nepal. 

    Another beautiful experience of this trek is obtained while passing through Shey- Phoksundo National Park. It is the only trans-Himalayan Natioal Park with an area of 3,555 sq. Km making it the largest national park of Nepal. It was established in 1984 to preserve the trans-Himalayan eco-system that houses a wide species of flora and fauna. The park's climatic differences , altitude variations and diferent zoo-geographical regions supports a diverse range of biotic system. You will be able to see endangered animals like snow leopard, grey wolf, musk deer and blue sheep. The world's highest flying butterfly Paralasa nepalaica, is also found in this region. 

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      On arrival by respective airlines where our guide and staff receives you for a short drive to your hotel in the hub of busy Kathmandu, with hotels in a quiet environment after getting refresh in your rooms our guide will brief on treks-hotels with necessary information.
      Evening includes group dinner in a nice Nepali restaurant with Culture and folk dance of Nepal to go with your meals.

        On our second day, we will start preparing for your trek. One of Our representative will remind you to get all the permits necessary for this trek. You will be reminded to check your trek  insurance policy and provide us a copy of it. You will  meet your Team leader and other support professionals who will check your trekking gears to make sure they meet the requirements. After a brief introduction with the crew, one of our tour operator will take you to a city tour. You will be visiting 4 heritage sites, that hold historical, religious and cultural significances.

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        Useful Info

        Culture and Traditions : Being one of the biggest region in Nepal, Dolpo is divided into three regions culturally. The Upper Dolpo region is inhabited by Buddhists and Bon Po followers . Bon Po predates the Buddhism and is heavily influenced by Bon religion of Tibet. The culture and traditions of Upper Dolpo resembles with Tibetians and they speak " Khaam' dialect which is very similar to Tibitian language but not exactly the same. The customes resembles the Khompa customes of Tibet. Men are seen with pony tails and women wear snow-leopard teeths arund their neck . The middle Dolpo region has the mixed influence in their culture and traditions with the essence of both Tibetan and Hindus. But , there is a typical sect of people who are emerged from the Magar clan and are called Taralis in local language. They have their own set of dialect called 'Kaike' which is not spoken anywhere in the country. Lower Dolpo region is mostly inhabitated by Hindus who speak Nepali with a different flavor. The language is also called Khas Nepali. 

        Dolpo trek outline itinerary

        Lower Dolpo trek 

        • Trip daytrip Itinerary Accommadasation
        • 1Fly to Jhupal from nepalgunga (2475m) then drive to (dunai (2140m)Dunai 
        • 2trek to chhepka 6h ( 2838m )Chhepka
        • 3trek to samdua  6h (2960)Samdua 
        • 4trek to phuksundo Lake 7h (3630m)Phuksundo
        • 5Rest day at phuksundo Phuksundo
        • 6trek to temche 6h (3995m)Temche 
        • 7cross the bagala pass 5169m then 5h walking heading to danigar(4512m)Danigar
        • 8trek tonumala pass( 5309m)trek to phedi (4440m) 6hphedi
        • 9trek to khanger  (4209m) 6hKhanger 
        • 10trek to dhotarap(3944m) 6hDhotarap
        • 11trek to chhyugar(3440m)6hChhyugar
        • 12trek to tarakot (2540m) 5hTarakot
        • 13trek to dunai(2140m then drive to jhupal(247mJhupal
        • Dolpo trekking equpment details?
        • Dolpo trekking very importain  trekking gear pleasse kindly look below the link

        Trekking gear and equipment

        trekking poles       head touch        sleeping bag     sun glasses

        Hiking boots          hand sanitizer      suncream        toileteries  raincoats  

        Dolpo trekking trip route 

        lower dolpo trekking  is mostly  historical and cultureal treking region in nepal ,located to dolpo district  

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