Privacy Policy

Trip Amendment

If the booking amendment is received by Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition before 30 days of your original departure $100 per person will be charged. The charge may be higher depending upon the other arrangement by the company to hotels, Tea House, Vehicle operators and airlines. 

Passport and Visa

You need to have a valid Passport and Visa when travelling in Nepal with Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition. Please make sure that you have 6 months for your passport to expire

Injury and Evaluation

Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition will not be liable for any kind of injury, health, and Altitude Sickness during your trip in Nepal 

Service Missed/Unused

There won't be any discount offer for any kind of missed or unused service during your trip to Nepal. Any kind of service that was included in the booking and later on you don't want to go for that, The money won't be refunded for any kind of cancelling the service

Terms and Condition Update

The company have the right to change these Terms and Condition at any time as our company rules and regulations.

Arranged Tour Contract 

Chapter I General Provisions  

Adventure Altitude Team collects information About Customers as per our know-your-customer policy. we need your Information to arrange/organize the smooth and effective trip in Nepal 

The Booking Policy

A representative from Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition will verify the booking that you've done through any platform including Our Website, Trip Advisor, or any other booking platform. Once you pay for your booking, your trip is now confirmed, and we will be in touch for the preparation of the trip. Your name should exactly match your passport otherwise it will be trouble. 

If you've booked a trip for your friends/family, you will be responsible for any kind of activity that will be needed for us. You need to notify us before making any changes to the trip that you booked already.

Book a Trip

  • A trip is simply a combination of day-by-day activities in the form of an itinerary or activities like Trekking, Tour, Expedition, Adventure Activities.
  • A contract paper will be made between clients and company after company representative confirm your booking through email or any other form of receipt.
  • Please confirm the trip price before booking any trip.
  • Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition has the right to increase/decrease the price of any trip before bookings are confirmed