Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung - 3 Day

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Cost 2024, 2025
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Max. Altitude 6,165 m
  • Trip Start Kathmandu
  • Trip End Kathmandu
  • Trip Area Everest Region
  • Nature of Trip Peak Climbing
  • Major Activities Island Peak, Island Peak Base Camp, Chhukung
  • Best Season Autumn and Spring

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung for 3 days is the shortest version of the Everest region peak climbing plan for healthy travelers who want to reach the Island peak with the limited time available. It is the same breathtaking experience as tackling the massive, long 13 days Island peak climbing journey. Supporting you in all necessities, be prepared to reach the summit of one of the popular 6000er peaks of Nepal with 3 days of Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Package. 

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung 3 Day Overview

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung 3 day package is a hot choice for tourists in the Everest region and is a dream destination for hikers and climbers. 

With Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung, you reach Island Peak, also known as Imja Tse, between the two mightiest mountains, Mt. Lhotse and Ama Dablam, in the Khumbu Region. It's like a lonely island amid a sea of ice, reaching a height of 6,189 meters (20,305 feet) above sea level. As you are on your Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung journey, you can see glaciers covering the western face of the Island peak. The summit needs guts and a fair amount of grit. The view will make you forget all the hardships and feel worth it. The stunning views of Everest and the Makalu and Lhotse peaks can be seen from the Peak Island with the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung journey. 

3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung is short and challenging, but not too difficult for the professionals. But you must be fit and know mountain climbing skills to make it more handy.

Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung allows climbers to step into the paradise of the Himalayas in just three days. It only takes a day or less to reach the summit at 6189m and descend to base camp. The 3-day climb of Island Peak is budget-friendly and adventurous, and it gives climbers an experience of climbing to heights in a low-time and low-budget environment.

Unlike other starting points, the 3-day Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung Itinerary begins in Chhukung. Chhukung is a tiny village in the Everest region near the island summit. At Chhukung, you will meet your guide with his team of professional climbers for a final check-up of all your gear and equipment. You will have your guide and follow the Island Peak climbing from Chhukung trail until you reach the Island Peak Base Camp. From this base camp, you prepare everything from gear to equipment to get the peak with the help of your guide. With Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung, your to the summit of Island Peak will be adventurous, but it'll be a long walk on uneven routes, lousy weather conditions, etc. 

After you have savoured your accomplishment, you have to go back to base camp and then retrace your steps to Chhukung ending your 3 day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung trip with us. 

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung 3 days is not only for adventurers but also for those who are looking to seek the cultural and historical values of the Khumbu Region. During this adventurous Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung adventure, you will be accompanied by our professional Sherpa guides, who not only help you in mountaineering but also cultural immersion. Moreover, the natural richness of this region is another intriguing part of the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Journey. 

For anyone wishing to be part of the group Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung for three days, booking for the package for 2024, 2025, and 2026 is now open. You can book your 3-day climbing adventure with Adventure Altitude Treks in either spring or autumn at cheap and discounted costs, whether traveling solo or in a group. Experience the best with specially crafted 3-day Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung Itinerary. You can add this short island peak climbing trip with your other Everest region treks like Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Three Pass Trek, etc. 

In 2024, 2025, and 2026, Don't miss out on the chance to conquer Island Peak in just three days with Adventure Altitude Treks's Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Package. Whether you're planning for 2024, 2025, or 2026, our discounted Island Peak Climbing package offers the cheapest cost for an unforgettable Himalayan adventure.

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Major Highlights

  • Amazing views of the Himalayan Mountains, Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse. 
  • Guides who are trained professionals and experienced in leading these ascents always guarantee your safety. 
  • Reach the Island peak with the best-designed Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung package for only 3 days.
  • The best package for Island Peak climbing is mainly for those who want to hire only the Island Peak Expedition service.
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded adventurers worldwide. 
  • Reach the Island peak (6189 meters) with the best Island Peak from Chhukung Package. 
  • The best short Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung adventure package to add to other treks in the Everest region.

Benefits of Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Package With Us

Here are a few benefits of our 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung package.

  • The climbing guide will meet you in Chhukung and take you up to the Island Peak base camp and then to the Peak of Island Peak.
  • 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung package is available for booking in autumn and spring.
  • A discount and cheap cost for short island peak climbing from Chhukung is available in a group.
  • Simplified the booking process for the Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung package in 2024, 2025, and 2026.
  • As part of the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Package at Adventure Altitude Treks, we provide a Duffle Bag. 
  • Your guide is equipped with an oximeter, which is provided to measure the Blood Oxygen Saturation levels.
  • Medical Kits are included in the package and can be handy in some instances.
  • We provide one Island Peak climbing From Chhukung map, where the route is clearly marked out. 
  • There will also be pre-climbing sessions for you as part of the 3 day Island Peak climbing from Chhukung package. 

Best Short Island Peak Climbing Package of 3 days

3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung taking you to the Island Peak, also known as Imja Tse, is a popular peak climbing package. It is a challenging task that requires strong technical skills and experience; however, it provides a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range and an unforgettable experience.

The Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung kicks off, as the name suggests, with a short hike from Chhukung to Island Peak Base Camp. Firstly, before the summit, a day will be spent in Island Peak Climbing for acclimatization, which is the process of adapting to high altitudes on your Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung package. 

Acquiring the essential mountaineering skills, like rope management, ice axe and crampon usage, is of vital importance for people who want to climb Island Peak. The professional guides will provide training and instruction for you to gain confidence in these techniques.

The ascent for the summit of Island Peak on 3 day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung requires overcoming steep and exposed sections of rock, ice, and snow. Starting the ascent in the early morning, climbers struggle through the night to meet the sun atop the summit by dawn.

From the top of Island Peak we can have the spectacular view of the peaks like Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Ama Dablam, and others. Besides, you can also experience cultural immersion into the unique Sherpa culture and lifestyle of the Khumbu region, which further enriches the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung adventure. 

Is Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung the Right Package For Me?

Deciding if 3 day Island Peak from Chhukung is right or not depends on three things: the level of fitness, whether you have climbed before, and your health. However, it is worth mentioning that we have some simple tricks to help you find out whether it suits you or not.

  • Climbing Island Peak with Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung 3 day trip will require you to be a fit person because the hike is difficult. You will find yourself doing adventurous climbing, walking on glaciers, and spending a lot of time at high altitudes. So, you need to be really strong and have a huge amount of energy; otherwise, you won’t make it to the top.
  • If you're taking on Island Peak from Chhukung, it is very important to have some climbing experience. It helps if you've been using crampons, ice axes, and ropes as well. Being familiar with mountaineering skills is very advantageous when it comes to peak climbing in Nepal.
  • Summiting Island Peak means that you will be exposed to high altitude, so that you may feel sick. As you acclimatise to the high altitude, you will need to be comfortable with heights and identify the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Apart from that, you should be mentally strong for it. You must be comfortable with heights, tolerate a fair amount of stress, and be able to stay positive when the going gets tough.
  • If you have health problems, discuss them with your doctor before you climb Island Peak. Several health problems related to heart or high blood pressure can make it more dangerous to climb at high elevations.

How to Prepare for Short Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung?

Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung is a guided trip with accommodation and meals included. This means you do not have to prepare anything regarding the logistics. You can just focus on preparations on yourself and leave all the logistics and other support to us. Below are some preparations to make for your 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung.

  • Train for high altitude and improve your cardio system with running and cycling. Go for daily short hikes with a 44-48-pound backpack, and target fitness level 2 or 3 before going for your Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung adventure. 
  • Practice your crampon, ice axe, and rope skills. If possible, consider practicing on an indoor climbing wall.
  • Include clothes suitable for very different temperatures, such as comfortable climbing pants, shirts with antiperspirant properties, a fleece or a light jacket, a warm hat, and sunglasses during your Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung journey. 
  • Get a permit and buy a travel insurance package to cover you against illness at high altitudes or any other accidents. 
  • Spend a day at Chhukung to prepare for the high altitude and avoid the risks of acute mountain sickness.
  • Get the climbing routes and the Island Peak details before beginning the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung adventure. 
  • Inform us about any other adventure activities you want to add to the Chhukung package.

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Cost 2024, 2025, and 2026

The cost of Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung starts at $500 to $675 per person with Adventure Altitude Treks. We also organize different Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung trips at different discounts and cheap costs according to the 2024, 2025, and 2026 group sizes. 

The 3 day Island Peak package cost includes tented accommodation, food, and guide services. Our group cost offer for the 3-day Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung is as follows. 


Cost Per Person


1 - 1

$ 675

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$ 620

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$ 595

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More than 8 

$ 500

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3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Cost and Itinerary

At Adventure Altitude Treks, the 3-day island Peak climbing from Chhukung costs $500 and can reach up to $675 per person for 2024, 2025, and 2026. Transparent pricing with the best island Peak climbing from Chhukung itinerary details highlight this package. For inquiries or bookings about this short Island Peak climbing trip, you can contact us through WhatsApp at +977 9845449032 or e-mail at [email protected].

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time4750m

The Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Itinerary starts from Chhukung, where you will be there on the first day. When you get to Chhukung, you will meet our climbing guide and start your scenic trek with him. The first day of the trek is allocated to preparation and during this time our guide will outline the routes, show how to use the equipment and explain their functioning. 

Although you are in charge of your own eating and lodging on your  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung, the climbing team will take care of your gears as well as other important things. If you need the climbing equipment, including the boots, gloves, or jackets, our team is ready to help with the rentals.

Following your meeting with the climbing team as per scheduled on Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Itinerary, you may opt to relax in your tea house. The next day they'll come to pick you up to continue the journey all over again.

  • AccommodationTeanted Camps
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time5200m/ 5-6 hr

Today, the Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung begins between 7:00 and 8:00 am. The elevation of today's adventure is from the Chhukung Valley to the Base Camp, a hike from 4750 meters to 5200 meters above sea level. Walking from Chhukung to the Base Camp of Island Peak is a very difficult and stony route. On this  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung journey, you'll be amazed at the sights of glaciers and the surrounding mountains as you cross the Imja River to reach the Lhotse glacier.

Today is the summit day of your 3 day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Itinerary. You are about to experience the most challenging part of the adventure. At the base camp, you will place all your belongings, taking only the most needed items such as prepared lunch, water, camera, and energy bars. An early morning start is a must for us to reach the summit before the storm comes in. The trail from base camp to the high camp is steep, consisting of rocky terrain and passing through narrow passages that are getting harder and harder as we go. Sleep is vital tonight, for you are to rise at midnight to prepare for the final ascent to the summit.

  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch
  • Altitude/Time6189 m/ 8-9 hr

Today, you will make the final climb up Island Peak as per the Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Itinerary, which is the highest point of the Imja Peak Climbing expedition from Chhukung. Leave all your stuff behind and just carry a small day pack with lunch, water, a camera, snacks, and essential climbing gear. It is beneficial to begin the climb in the morning when the weather is good and not windy and cloudy. The incline gets steeper on the way from Base Camp to High Camp. The higher Camp is passed through a narrow opening of the rocks, and it gets crowded as you go.

You will take a short break at High Camp and then go to the glaciers to climb to the top of the summit of the Island Peak. At around 3 hours, you will be at Crampon Point, which is where you put on crampons and walk on an icy track, holding onto a rope at 5700 meters. The guides may set a rope on the glacier, but it's not that hard. The biggest challenge of course, is climbing a vertical wall right before the top. The instructors will attach ropes and harnesses for your safety.

The guides will assist you in tackling the challenging slopes and reaching the top of Island Peak, which is the main highlight of the  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung journey. We will spend some time viewing the peaks and glaciers before moving back to base camp. Then, the next step will be returning to Chhukung Valley. It's faster and easier to go down than to go up.  3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Itinerary ends once you have arrived at Chhukung Valley, which is the final destination.

Not satisfied with this regular itinerary?

Are you interested on planning custom trip? Feel free to contact us.

Cost Details
What's Included
  • All Island Peak Climbing Permit Fees. 
  • Tented Accommodation at Island Peak Base Camp (Kitchen Equipment, Dining tent, Trekking tents, Toilet Tents, Table and chairs)
  • Guide and Porter Personal insurance, equipment, and accommodation
  • Packed Lunch for summit day
  • Achievement certificate (if you want) 
  • All our services charge government taxes 
What's Excluded
  • Personal Insurance for travel to Nepal (Compulsory)
  • Sleeping bag, down Jacket (you can rent in Chhukung)
  • Personal expenses such as all kinds of drinks, hot showers, internet, donation, tips, etc...


Dates & Price
Limited Seats Available
StartTuesdaySep 03, 2024
EndThursdaySep 05, 2024
FromUS $500
Useful Info

When is The Best Time for Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung?

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung will be best in Spring and autumn. These are the same months suitable for other trips in the Everest Region, such as Everest Base Camp Journey and Everest Three High Passes Tour. The first day of your trek in Chhukung would be the first stop. Before you begin your trek up to the Island Peak base camp and summit to the Island Peak, monitor the weather conditions. Here is what the primary climbing season for island peak climbing will be like.

Spring: Great Season For Island Peak Climbing

Spring (March to May) brings along several reasons for which this period could be a better time for Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung. Unlike the most extreme winter months, the Spring season is characterized by fairly predictable patterns that minimize the chance of facing snow storms or blizzards. Besides, when snow is compacted, climbing becomes easier, and the longer daylight hours allow staying on climbing for longer periods. The pleasant weather guarantees a more soothing Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung climb, while the quietness of the place assures a tranquil and private ascent. These mountains, in Spring, usually stay at -17 degrees Celsius, with daytime temperatures reaching 7 degrees Celsius, which is comparatively comfortable.

Autumn: Another Great Season for Island Peak Summit

The weather of Autumn and Spring are very similar. Hence the season between September and October is the best time for short 3 day Island Peak Climbing From Chhhukung. The year's final months are marked by dry and clear weather, which sharply contrasts with the unstable and monsoonal climate that typically characterizes this season. Colder conditions are perfect for cross-country skiing because they enable one to enjoy the trip to the top of the slope.

As the autumn season progresses on Island Peak, temperatures may hit -10 degrees Celsius, with daytime temperatures hovering between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius.

Tented Accommodations in 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Package

The island peak climbing from Chhukung package includes all the accommodation services for three days. This short island peak-climbing adventure starts in Chhukung. You will be an overnight guest at the community teahouse in Chhukung. As you reach Island Peak Base Camp, we will give you a one-person tent to sleep in at Island Peak Base Camp and High Camp. The spacious dining tent on our camping site comes with chairs, sofas, and tables where you can have dinner in style. On your 3 day Chhukung Island Peak climbing a toilet tent for your convenience is also one of the facilities we have. Though we provide mats to our guests, think about buying a five-season sleeping bag if needed for a cold night. 

Meals on Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung

You have nothing to worry about with our 3 Day island peak climbing package because your meals will be handled during your Island Peak-climbing adventure from Chhukung. The package offers three meals daily to give you enough fuel for the trip. 

  • On Day 1, it's breakfast time, and you'll have lunch in Chhukung before retiring for the night and dinner at the Island Peak base camp. 
  • The next day, you will enjoy three meals at the tented camps: breakfast, lunch, and Dinner.
  • On the third day, you enjoy your final meal at the Island Peak base camp. 

Food choices on your short Island Peak climbing trip from Chhukung can be limited at higher altitudes, and the quality may differ because of logistical difficulties. As opposed to this, our team is dedicated to offering you nutritious meals to keep you energised during your climb. We know how paramount it is to adhere to dietary preferences and restrictions, so please notify us beforehand of any special requests, such as vegetarian or gluten-free options.

Apart from your meals on your Island Peak climbing adventure, you may want to carry along some energy-rich snack items like energy bars and electrolyte drinks. These will ensure you are eating and drinking well for the duration of the expedition. 

3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Difficulty

This island peak climbing package is a moderately difficult peak climbing package of 3 days. The newcomers in the field generally prioritize their abilities and select the route that begins from Chhukung instead of the long route from Dingboche. The mountain has a myriad of challenges, some for experienced climbers. On a 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung trip, you'll be tested physically and mentally, and your endurance may reach the limit. You also have to adapt to the reduced oxygen in the path's lower regions. Island Peak is the best Himalayan mountain among the beginners' peaks. For those who have chosen to conquer Mount Everest, Island Peak is an ideal point to start your mountaineering Journey. 

Altitude Sickness Considerations on Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung 

Altitude sickness may be a problem you will face during your climb up to the height of 6000 m. This is a common condition among climbers at high elevations that may cause a headache, vomiting, and, in the worst-case scenario, pulmonary and cerebral edema. Here are some preventative measures for altitude sickness on your Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung below. 

  • Gradual ascent: Allow your body to acclimate to the increasing altitude by ascending slowly.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, but avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  • Adequate rest: Take regular breaks during the climb to rest and catch your breath.
  • Medication: Consult a healthcare professional about medications like acetazolamide to prevent altitude sickness.
  • Descend if necessary: If symptoms persist or worsen, descend to a lower altitude to seek medical attention on your  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung.

Can You Do  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Without a Guide?

No, you cannot do Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Without a Guide. In fact you cannot do any treks or tours in Nepal without a guide as hiring the guide is Mandatory in Nepal for foreign travellers. 

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung in Nepal's Khumbu region has become a much sought-after adventure for mountaineers, with hundreds of climbers flocking to the area annually. While there is a group of people who prefer guided excursions, there are also some who willingly dare to climb the mountain without a guide. Yet, this undertaking is not permitted in Nepal. 

Moreover, the process of getting a climbing permit for  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung without a guide is not possible. The permit application process consists of submitting a number of documents, such as valid passports, photos, and documents that have been legalised, along with details of a licensed guide. 

What Permits Are Required for Your 3 Day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Trip?

The different permits required for your Island Peak climbing are below.

NMA Climbing Permit:

Issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), this permit categorizes Island Peak as a group B trekking peak. Costs vary based on the season:

  • Spring (March-May): USD 250
  • Autumn (Sept-Nov): USD 125
  • Winter (Dec-Feb) & Summer (June-Aug): USD 70

Garbage Deposit

NMA collects a USD 500 refundable deposit to encourage responsible waste management. Your trekking company typically handles this.

Local Area Permit

This Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit costs around USD 20 and is acquired upon arrival in Lukla. It grants access to the local area.

Travel Insurance For Short Island Peak Climbing Adventure

In Nepal, getting travel insurance should be a top priority for anyone climbing the Island Peak with Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung. It provides security that covers unforeseen medical emergencies like medical bills, emergency helicopter evacuations, and trip cancellations that can occur due to unpredictable circumstances. Holistic insurance policies, specifically tailored for Nepal trekking, cover issues such as high-altitude trekking and altitude-related problems. So, choosing an applicable policy based on travel requirements and individual needs is essential.

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Tipping On Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung Adventure

One of the most important things to consider when planning remote trekking in Nepal or peak climbing like  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung of 3 days is to hire local guides. Sherpa guides and the porters are an integral part of your Island Peak Climbing journey. Although they are paid for their work during the course of the expedition, it is also a common thing to tip them.

Whether or not you decide to tip on your 3 day  Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung is entirely your decision; however, a typical tip given by trekkers/climbers is between 10 to 15% of their overall cost to guides and porters. Tipping is not mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated.

Trip Extension on 3 Day Island Peak Climbing Adventure

Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung is one of many mountaineering packages Adventure Altitude Treks provides. If you complete this expedition successfully, you can stay longer in Nepal. In addition, you can combine this Island Peak climbing trip with any other hikes in the Everest region of your choice, like Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Three Pass Trek, etc. 

We invite you to try other amazing destinations like Pokhara, Lumbini, and Chitwan if you have more time to stay in Nepal in addition to the 3 day Island Peak Climbing From Chhukung. You will find many activities, such as rafting, jungle safari, paragliding, and canoeing, all at affordable prices.

What Our Clients Say...
  • J
    Jasmine KhanIndiaMarch 17, 2021
    rating star

    Adventure of a Lifetime

    Island Peak was my first peak climbing into high-altitude adventure, and I couldn't have chosen a better company than Adventure Altitude Treks. Their focus on budget-friendly options without compromising safety or quality was a significant draw for me. Admittedly, I was nervous at first, but AAT's pre-trip communication put me at ease. They provided detailed information on training, gear rentals, and what to expect on the climb. Their guides were extremely patient and encouraging throughout. The Base Camp was basic but comfortable. The meals were filling and nutritious, fueling our bodies for the challenging climb ahead. AAT  focus on group dynamics fostered a supportive atmosphere, which helped immensely during the climb.

  • I
    Ivan PetrovRussian FederationOctober 17, 2019
    rating star

    Great short Island Trip in Everest Region

    Reaching the summit was an emotional moment. Seeing Lhotse, Everest, and the surrounding giants left me speechless. The Adventure Altitude Treks team celebrated with us, capturing incredible photos to celebrate this notable achievement. This trip was a perfect blend of adventure and natural appreciation. AAT's dedication to responsible tourism impressed me, as it ensured minimal environmental impact throughout the climb. It was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend it to nature lovers seeking a challenge.

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