Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

  • Duration 14 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max. Altitude 3800m
  • Trip Start Kathmandu
  • Trip End Kathmandu
  • Trip Area Uppermustang Region
  • Nature of Trip beauty of Nature
  • Best Season Jun to May

Upper Mustang Motorbike tour with the specially crafted Upper Mustang bike tour itinerary is just for you if you are a real adventure seeker. 

Nepal was a kingdom run by a monarchy government until 28th May 2008. Now, the country is a secular federal state abolishing the 240-year-old monarchy.  Surprisingly, the monarchy effect can be seen in the upper Mustang region, especially the Lo Manthang surroundings. 

The King of Lo-Mangtang, "Jigme Palbar Bista," was told to step down as a king after the termination of the monarchy in Nepal. The late King accepted the order and pledged to preserve Tibetan culture and tradition. During our  Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour, we can experience this unique and cultural perspective from ancient times until now. 

This 14-day upper Mustang bike tour takes wanderers to Nepal's forbidden kingdom. Bikers who take this journey can see different landscapes, nature, and unusual Tibetan culture. Similarly, you take in the amazing insights of the sky caves with their history, desert, and the last village of Nepal that borders China in the Himalayas.

Riding a Motorcycle in the Upper Mustang will test your skill and strength because it's unlike other Himalayan trips. You will feel like you're on another planet in this strange place that almost resembles the small parts of Tibet. 

This excursion has a tough bike route that is very important to explore in the area. As motorcyclists around the upper Mustang periphery, you can catch beautiful and large sceneries of alpines, open areas, and borders. This is something you can do together with your pals and make you remember something special forever.

This upper Mustang escapade provides a close family of the mythically and naturally rich location. It is a restricted place now, and walking or touring requires a special permit from the Department of Immigration operating from Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

You will ride at more than 3000 meters above the ground. There are 16 passes higher than 3500 meters, and the spots to sleep have everything we need, but they are basic with the Tibetan cultural touch. 

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour Key Highlights 

  • Adventurous Off Road Experience to the restricted area of Upper Mustang
  • Explore the historical and cultural places in Kathmandu Via Bike
  • Observe the local culture, people & village.
  • Discover the significance of medieval temples, ancient chortens, and a cave village
  • Breathtaking Himalayas – Tibetan plateau – Annapurna mountains
  • Ride through the world’s deepest gorge: Kali Gandaki Gorge
  • Pay a visit to one of the famous Hindu Pilgrimages of the world, Muktinath temple at 4000 m.
  • 2000 years old caves of Chosar
  • Kora La, the Tibet/Chinese border at 4600 m.

Is the Upper Mustang a Restricted Area?

Yes, the upper Mustang is a restricted zone. Thus, it's not as easy to cross the border of the zone as in other regular trekking destinations in Nepal. Foreign tourists must fulfill certain governmental permissions to do the upper Mustang motorbike tour. Similarly, solo travel via foot, jeep, bikes are prohibited in Nepal.

Interested journeyers designed to do this 14-day Motorcycle ride must be in a group of two, acquire a restricted area, and an ACAP permit has to be operated by the trekking agency. Along with this prerequisite, only the Nepal Government licensed trekking guide can take the trekkers to the region.

Why is the Upper Mustang a restricted Zone?

The main reason why Upper Mustang is a restricted area might be because it has an open border with China's Tibet. This policy protects the area's culture, saves its fragile environment, and keeps the land safe. The limit stops many sightseers from reaching, which helps protect the environment and makes sure special old Tibetan Buddhist traditions along with old buildings stay safe. Thus, to enter into its premises you are required to have an extra authorization along with the (ACAP) permit for Upper Mustang.

Mountains Views on the North and South

Mustang has 85 named and many unnamed cliffs, both north and south. Among the named peaks, Nilgiri North is the highest one. The most well-known is Jakrijang Lek.

You are in the middle of amazing alpine views as you touch down the Upper Mustang territory, i.e., Jomson. Some 7000-meter high peaks and many 6000-meter peaks like Chhiv Himal and Nilgiri South will be visible. Others, including Khatung Kang, Khumjunagar, and Purpong hills, are seen in these snowscapes. 

The scenery gets more beautiful and bright as you get closer. The whole bike ride in the mountainscape will be amazing. You will witness the great size of the Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tilicho, and Damodar Himal, as you arrive at Lo Manthang. Other unknown high peaks may also become visible. You’ll discover strange terrain structures.

Experience Unique Tiji Festival

Tiji is short for "TempaChirim," which means asking everyone for peace. The celebration lasts three days every year, starting in May. The Tji festival includes religious events, bright clothes, and old dance moves that show stories from myths and legends.

You can see this amazing and impressive devout performance while bike touring around the Mustang in May month. The locals of Lo celebrate to keep poverty away from their area. It represents hope and peace in that dwelling. And it is celebrated with the energy of colorful clothes, non-stop beating drums, and a tasty smell of camphor filling up all around. It is said that a demon who gave diseases caused trouble in the Mustang area. A hero, Dorje Jono, defeated a big bad monster. So, this festival rejoices the good deed over the evil. 

Lo Manthang Yartung Festival

Yartung Festival in Upper Mustang is another main repulsion for tourists. Yartung signifies the start of summer. This time, you see the old-fashioned beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism. Like Tibetan residents there, you need to get there in August when the moon is full. This is for their festival celebration. The people in the area put on horse races as part of a big party. This is the most exciting competition where many people try to win. You can take part in this festival duing your upper Mustang trekking Journey too. 

Upper Mustang and Mysterious Sky Caves

Many sky caves are made on different cliffs of Upper Mustang. They are big in the sky and offer new places to check out. These caves are called "sky caves'' because they're often in hard places to get to. It was made by the ancient village dwellers who lived there. It is believed that unusual caves were made to protect from enemies in fights and as a site to put dead bodies

But, the caves' true reason and hidden secret are still a mystery today. In the caves, scientists have found many things like paintings and statues made by primeval who lived there. These present us with information about their life. The paintings in Mustang’s sky caves show important events from religion and history. They mix Buddhism and Hinduism influences.

Red Cliffs, Ancient Monasteries And Monuments

Nepal has an ancient mountain called Upper Mustang that dates back around 2,000 to 300 years ago. Many Buddhist monasteries were made long ago and are still really important today. Many buildings and landmarks, which have great holy significance for those around them, are protected. Many ancient stories related to Tibetan heritage and stories are linked to every monument, stumps, and monasteries you find there. 

Upper Mustang is the only dry area in Nepal. It's discovered in areas where large mountains, like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, stop rain from reaching there. On your journey to Lo Manthang, you will encounter many Tibetan highlands and red cliffs. They are a bit like the Grand Canyon but not as big. The sudden change in the land and scenery might startle you.

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  • AccommodationHotels
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(1,400 m/ 4593)

After your plane gets to TIA, a person from the adventure altitude trek will happily greet you in Nepal. Next, we'll take you to your hotel. Our guide will meet you in the evening to discuss the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour. We'll also enjoy a yummy dinner together.

  • AccommodationHotels
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(1,400 m/ 4593)/ Free Day

Kathmandu, Nepal's main city, is full of cultural and historical landmarks. Many of these have been named by UNESCO because they are very important. The World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu UNESCO show old temples, palaces, and special buildings that tell much about the city's history. These places are very important for their good architectural styles. Your day exploring famous places could include visiting spots like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath (also known as Monkey Temple), Pashupatinath Temple, and Boudhanath Stupa. Each spot gives a special view into Nepal's customs and belief practices. After touring Kathmandu valley, we will return to our hotel and prepare for the next day's adventure.

  • AccommodationHotels
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(820m / 2,690ft)/ 6-7 Hours

Distance Traveled: (210 KM)

Accommodation: Hotel

Have breakfast early, then go for a fun biking trip from Kathmandu to the magical city of Pokhara. This ride should take about six to seven hours. The lovely track goes next to the Trishuli and Marsyangdi rivers, giving people nice views. As you get closer to Pokhara, the lovely river valley appears. It has wonderful views of the amazing Annapurna and Machapuchare mountains towards the north.

To the west is Dhaulagiri Mountain, and on the east are the beautiful Manaslu and Lamjung Himal ranges. Pokhara, a tourist's dream destination, provides visitors with the same comforts found in large cities but comes with plenty of natural beauty. After reaching Pokhara, you will stroll around on a bike for some time and return to your respective hotels for an overnight stay. 

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(2,720m / 8,915ft)/ 4-5 Hours

Distance Traveled: (158.6 km) 

Accommodation: Tea Houses

After breakfast, we will ride along the main road until we get to Beni. Then, we will change our direction and go through mountains and riversides towards Tatopani, famous for its hot springs. We will marvel at the big views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri mountains along the path from Tatopani. In the evening time, you will reach Jomsom. Upon reaching this little village, you enter the territory of the upper Mustang zone. Jomsom has many apple trees, and you can see them everywhere. It is next to the Kali Gandaki River and many named and unnamed mountains. If you have time, go to the riverside. There's an airport nearby where every day between 7 am and 11 am, there is a direct flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and then back again.

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(3560 m / 11,680 ft)/ 3-5 Hours

We will have a nice breakfast in Jomsom. Then we steer our motorbike towards Ghami Village afterwards. You might see hikers and locals going on a dirt road. The trip will take you to Kagbeni village at the start of the lower Mustang area. From there, the dirt roads on the motorbike will lead you to the Chele check post, where the Upper Mustang area officially begins. You will go past Samar and Syangboche towns in the Kali Gandaki river valley. Finally, you'll get to Ghami. This small Mustang village is well-known mainly for its houses, which are white-washed mud and stone. Amble around the small streets near the road and talk to people living there. This will help you learn about their beliefs and traditions.

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(3810m / 12,135ft)/ 6 hours

Distance Traveled: (16.1 km)

Accommodation: Tea Houses

After having some tea or coffee and a regular breakfast, you will continue your motorbike journey on the Upper Mustang trip from Ghami to Lo Manthang. On your trip, you'll have to cross the Ghami River, Charang River, and Dokpolo River. We'll also ride via the big pass called Tsarang La, which is 3870 meters high. You will get great views of mountains such as Annapurna I, Tilicho, and Nilgiri while you keep moving. When you go close to the famous walled village, look for Upper Mustang's longest mani wall. You are now invited to visit Lo Manthang, the main area of Upper Mustang Kingdom.

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(3810m / 12,135ft)/ 6-7

Distance Traveled: (20 km)

Accommodation: Tea Houses

This is a special day for seeing what Lo Manthang has to show. After you eat breakfast, consider going to some important monasteries and temples if there is time. Also, you will go on a short trip from Lo Manthang near the border of Tibet. It's big on culture and history. The trip to the border of Tibet gives a nice travel through rough land in Upper Mustang.

On this journey, you might see unusual caves, religions, culture, and villages influenced by Tibetans. You may even get a chance to talk with local people. The area near the border could give amazing sights and let you see how different it is regarding nature and culture. Lo Manthang shows a true image of the big Tibetan Buddhist culture and ways.

Walking is the best way to see all parts of this big place made between dry land. The Lhoba and Bon tribe mostly live in Lo, which is a place that's mainly Buddhist. To learn about the old kingdom's history, you can go to King's Palace. It was built in 1400 and is the oldest building in the city. 

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(2,800m / 9,500ft)/ 6-7 hours

Distance Traveled: (42.0 km)

Accommodation: Tea Houses

Today, we are riding a motorbike from Lo Manthang to Kagbeni. Going to Kagbeni makes for a great visit to Mustang lands. Prepare to witness the transition from Lo Manthang's unique land to Kagbeni. Kagbeni, a pretty village in the Kali Gandaki Valley, combines old-style Tibetan houses and lovely views of nature. On your journey, you may come across the Kali Gandaki River, barren areas, and lovely towns. Overnight will be at one of the tea houses of Kagbeni. 

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(1967m / 6453 feet)/ 4-5 hours

Distance Traveled: (81 km)

Accommodation: Tea Houses

We have a tasty breakfast in Kagbeni and then ride to Beni. We will start traveling with different views, combining pretty sights and cultural activities. It will be an average ride trip, and you will see the beautiful land and small villages. We can also spot some nearby mountains like Tilicho Peak, Mount Nilgiri, Yak Kawa, Thorung Peak, and many others. 

Beni, a townlet in the Myagdi District, changes from mountains to lower parts. It might give a different view and culture compared to the places at greater height that you visited before. After arriving in Beni you can visit the village's famous attractions like Galeshwor Temple and natural hot springs. At night, stay at one of Beni's tea houses.

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(820m / 2,690ft)/ 3-4 hours

Distance Traveled: (95.7 km)

Accommodation: Tea Houses

Today, we're going to Pokhara. This famous city is in a beautiful place and gives amazing views of the big snow mountains called the Annapurna Range. When you go to Pokhara, the journey will show amazing views and always make you want more of the Annapurna mountains.

On your way, you'll enjoy the views of the mountains. The range has more than 10 high peaks like Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Churain at Dhaulagiri, where Manapathi and Gurja also join in. You will eventually arrive at Pokhara, the town itself known as a tourist haven, offering modern amenities amid natural beauty.

  • AccommodationTea Houses
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Altitude/Time(1,400 m/ 4593)

Distance Traveled: (210 KM) 

Accommodation: Hotel

After having breakfast, you will go on a beautiful trip to Kathmandu by motorbike. The trip goes through amazing viewpoints and takes about 6 to 7 hours. You will also travel through small towns near the Trishuli River. 

  • MealsBreakfast
  • Altitude/Time(1,400 m/ 4593)

Today, you will leave Kathmandu. After spending your last night in Nepal and saying goodbye, you'll get ready to go from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) for departure. You should get to the airport about 3 hours before your planned flight.

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Cost Details
What's Included
  1. Off-road adventure motorcycle or Royal Bullet for the entire trip.
  2. A 4x4 jeep to carry essentials.
  3. Motorbike fuel for the entire trip.
  4. Guide and Mechanic costs.
  5. Bed and Breakfast.
  6. basic spare parts.
  7. Permits( ACAP, Mustang Special Permits, and Upper Mustang entry permits)
  8. Pokhara and Kathmandu accommodation with twin sharing basis including breakfast.
What's Excluded
  1. Lunch and dinner & beverages during the entire trip.
  2. Entry fee, world heritage site entry fee,
  3. Travel rescue, insurance, Motorbike insurance,
  4. Tips for Guide and Mechanics, Bike gears, International tickets,
  5. Nepali visa fee,
  6. Bar bills, Repair charge for any physical damage on motorbikes, Personal expenses, etc or any other things except what's in Included topic.
Useful Info

When Is The Best Time for an Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour?

The best times for the Upper Mustang Bike Tour are Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). These timeframes boast stable weather followed by mild temperatures, which makes the bike ride very soothing.

Also, with clear blue skies, riders can have chilling and magnificent views of the surroundings, including snow-capped mountains and local Buddhist settlements. During the Autumn and Spring seasons, the trails are relatively dry since there is a minimal chance of rainfall. It means the trails are not slippery for bike riding, avoiding dangers like crashes and accidents.

Apart from that, the low levels of rain and wind make trekking during these seasons more comfortable and manageable.

In spring, flowers bloom with vibrant colors, offering the surrounding scenic views. Similarly, the greenery of lush forests will be as soothing as a pie during your motorbike tour.

What Permits Are Required For Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour?

Riders must consider purchasing three different permissions for the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour. They are:

  • Restricted Area Permit
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit
  • TIMS Card

Restricted Area trekking licenses are required to travel through some restricted areas. The Department of Immigration issues these licenses, and they can be bought from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Acquiring these will cost you around USD 20 per person and will only be valid for one week. After that, bike travelers must purchase extra validation, which costs USD 25 daily.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permits are required for this tour as the trail passes through Annapurna Conservation Area. Acquiring this approval will cost NPR. 3000 per person for international tourists, while trekkers from SAARC Nations and Nepal must pay NPR. 1000 and NPR. 100, respectively.

Similarly, riders must have a TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) Card. This will cost around USD 20 per person.

You can get all this authorization from the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu after you submit your valid visa documents, passport, photos, and fees. Here are the documents you require for your upper Mustang. 

Where To Stay? Accommodation

During your motorbike tour, a tea house will be one of the most common accommodation facilities. These tea houses are available at every stop, including Jomsom, Ghami, Lo Manthang, and others.

Tea houses come with basic amenities like dormitory living rooms and shared bathrooms. You might need to pay extra for using the internet and charging your gadgets.

Another form of accommodation is a guest house or hotel, which is available in Jomsom and Kagbeni. These guest houses also come with shared bedrooms and bathrooms, with some offering 24/7 electricity and internet services.

What To Eat? Food Duing Motorbike Tour

Most of the time, bike travelers can taste traditional Nepali cuisine, including Daal, Bhaat, and Tarkari. Also, you can taste the famous Thakali Set at Jomsom and Kagbeni, which comes with Dhindo, fermented pickles, rice, and others.

All tea houses and hotels serve you traditional dishes, while some hotels in Jomsom will bring Western cuisines like pizza to your table.

For drinking water, you might need to purchase from the local store. They serve clean drinking water and others like tea, coffee, beer, and alcohol.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour difficulty

The upper Mustang Motorbike Tour is moderately difficult. While it might be easy for the experienced and off-road motorbike adventurer, riders with less experience on off-roads might find it challenging.

During the journey, motorcycle sightseers must pass through the rugged terrains. Most of the routes are uphill, which might be challenging for many. That’s why we recommend having prior experience in off-road driving.

The highest altitude you reach during this tour is 3,840 meters at Lo Manthang. Reaching such a high altitude might bring health hazards to the vagabond, such as altitude sickness. So they must be prepared for altitude and landscapes as well. The temperature might also be cooler than the lower altitude, so packing warm clothes and riding gear might be an ideal choice.

Riding during the peak season is okay, but if you’re planning to make this journey during the off-seasons like monsoon and winter, you might need to consider the trail conditions, temperature, and natural hazards like landslides, heavy snowfall, and others.

How To Prepare for the Upper Mustang Bike Tour?

To prepare for an Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour, ensure your motorbike is in perfect shape. Check everything carefully, fix mechanical problems, and bring important spare parts. 

Besides that, bring appropriate clothes for different types of weather, like warm clothes for cold nights and strong things to wear while riding. Also, pack enough things like water and food because the area can be tough to go through with little help. 

In addition, learn about the local customs and rules to show respect for the culture of that place. Lastly, prepare for high places by adjusting slowly and bringing medicines.

When on the tour, think about safety and follow traffic rules. This is important because the trail towards Upper Mustang can be rough and hard to predict. Know the weather in your area and be ready to change plans if needed for unexpected problems.

  • For a bike tour in Upper Mustang, planning for at least 12 days is best. But you can change things based on what you like and available time. This lets you make a plan that works with your favorite activities and calendar.

  • The price to start an Upper Mustang motorbike trip is about $2999. This includes costs for moving around, permits needed, places to stay, and guide help so you can fully enjoy your trip through the area.

  • Going to Upper Mustang by bus is not often chosen because the tough land and few roads make it hard. The main ways to travel are jeep and motorbike, which make it easier for people to get into faraway areas.

  • Yes, you can drive to Upper Mustang, and there are two main options: a jeep or a motorbike. Both types of travel let you experience the beautiful areas in the Upper Mustang. You get to look at great views and learn about culture while also going through these places slowly if you want.

  • The trip can be a bit tough because of the rough terrain, high locations, and different types of weather. It's good to be fit and have some practice before you ride a motorbike.

  • Beginning can be good, but getting the right help is needed for new folks. It's important to choose a famous travel group with skilled guides and help during the journey.

  • Every day, the distance traveled varies. Normally, it's about 80 to 120 kilometers on average. This allows folks to stroll comfortably, ensuring they can appreciate the lovely scenery and exciting spots.

  • Different types of stays include basic tea houses and fancier lodges in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Even though places may be simple, they offer a unique opportunity. This allows you to blend into the way of life in your local area.

  • Yes, people can bring their bikes. However, ensuring the bikes are in good condition and can manage rough surfaces is key. A common choice is to rent a motorbike from where you are.

  • Some small towns can help with basic fixes, but a simple set of tools and extra parts is better. We give vehicles to move important items.

What Our Clients Say...
  • M
    Maxwell PruittMaldivesSeptember 12, 2023
    rating star

    Wheeling Wonders

    This trip made my dream of riding a motorcycle in Nepal come true. The tour I did with six friends was a mix of super fun adventures and amazing scenery that nothing can match. Adventure Altitude Treks are carefully planned, and Rohit's skills guarantee a perfect, unforgettable journey. The journey showed the real beauty of Upper Mustang, revealing a magical land filled with old monasteries and tough lands. I suggest this trip for people who like adventure. I also praise Adventure Altitude Treks because they are excellent and want to always give unforgettable memories.

  • L
    Leonie HullIndiaApril 11, 2023
    rating star

    Upper Mustang's 14-Day Bike Odyssey

    The Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour with Adventure Altitude Treks, planned by Rohit, was a fun 14-day trip for people who like motorcycles. This tour lets them see the area of Nepal called Mustang. I travelled ABC with the same group in 2019 with an adventure altitude before, so I knew they were good for this trip. The top-notch services made sure our trip went smoothly. Nepal's Mustang area was a great place for a bike ride. It showed beautiful scenery and fascinating culture. I have just two words for anyone contemplating this journey: DO IT! You will surely enjoy the thrilling experience.

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