Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost 2024 and 2025
  • Duration 5 Hours
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max. Altitude 17500m feet landing at 5400m hight
  • Trip Start Kathmandu or Lukla
  • Trip End Kathmandu or Lukla
  • Trip Area Everest Region
  • Nature of Trip Life Time Experience
  • Major Activities Everest base camp trek
  • Best Season March - April- May and Sep -Oct- Nov

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour landing at Everest Hotel is a magical adventure in Nepal. Mount Everest Base Camp Heli tour with Everest View Hotel landing is the best one-day tour in Nepal because you will reach the tallest peak, Everest, in a single day. The Everest Base Camp flyover ride, including a stop at the Everest View Hotel, is another convenient way to reach the base camp. An Everest Base Camp trek may last for 13 days, whereas the helicopter tour allows you to be at base camp and then back in Kathmandu all in one day.

One day, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trip is one of the most popular tours in Nepal. A helicopter ride to the Everest Base Camp brings one right up to the base of the highest peak, Mt. Everest, at 8,848m. The Overfly EBC Helicopter tour offers an alternative option for those who want to reach the Everest Base Camp but have limited time. This Heli trip takes just 5 hours on the very first day and takes you to the Mt Everest zone. It brings you close to Mt. Everest by passing Kalapathar and Everest base camp. This helicopter program with an EBC tour is the best way to have the most beautiful mount and cascade, green hills, settlement areas, farm villages, and fewer things from the air. Let our drone catch the magnificent glimpse of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world that looks completely covered in snow and dotted with wildflowers) from the air. When you sign up for our Everest Helicopter Tour, you can start your day from the Hotel Everest View, enjoying your sunrise with the view of the beautiful mountain range.

One day, the Everest helicopter tour brings you close to Mt. Everest by passing Kalapathar and Everest base camp. This helicopter program with an EBC tour is the best way to have the most beautiful mount and cascade, green hills, settlement areas, farm villages, and fewer things from the air. Let our cameras catch the magnificent glimpse of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world that looks completely covered in snow and dotted with wildflowers) from the air. When you sign up for our Everest Base Camp Flyover Helicopter Tour, you can start your day from Kathmandu and land at the famous Hotel Everest View to enjoy a delicious breakfast just in front of the mountain. 

Our flight begins from Kathmandu by helicopter, and not long after, the noise will be only the wind in our ears. The scenery changes amazingly as we get higher altitude, where shallow valleys transform into rough, snow-capped mountain tops. Keep your eyes open – you will have a lot of fun even at a glance of the Khumbu Icefall. 

You fly over the Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar, encircled by the incredible mountains, arguably among the highest peaks in the world. Spend a few minutes to enjoy the breeze, the mountains around you, and the feeling of achievement. Yet, the journey does not end at this point. Following the heli ride over the EBC and Kala Patthar, we will land at the world's highest hotel – Everest View Hotel, located just in front of Mt Everest. You can enjoy a truly amazing view at a top-notch place while having brunch. Enjoy the view of Everest and enjoy the moment by sipping coffee and savoring the delicious breakfast and sun rays reflecting on the snowy peaks.

There is no doubt that the price of an Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is more expensive than that of an Everest Base Camp Trek, but it is worth every penny. Nevertheless, the experience gained in flight hours is worth every second. 

Our helicopter trip to the Everest base camp can be arranged with a maximum of 5 passengers (with a window per person) for everyone to view and appreciate the beautiful scenery throughout the flight. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Everest View Hotel Landing is one of the amazing trips that offers an amazing view of Mt. Everest from Kathmandu within 5-6 hours. Adventure Altitude Treks presents the cost of Helicopter rates at a discounted cost for 2024 and 2025. Our one-day itinerary is carefully designed to give you ample time for every activity so you can enjoy and discover what you desire.

Note:  Unfortunately, the Everest Heli with Kalapathar landing can no longer be organised because of the recent implementation of civil aviation regulations. Alternatively, We at Adventure Altitude Treks offer an Everest Helicopter Tour with a landing at Hotel Everest View Hotel. This modified Heli Land itinerary for 2024 and 2025 includes a scenic flyover above Kalapathar and the Everest Base Camp. The price for the flyover tour, including landing, is $1700 per person. For the booking, please contact us via WhatsApp or email for information on the EBC Heli available dates.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour One Day Major Highlights

  • Helicopter landing at Everest View Hotel for breakfast with Incredible views.
  • Some of the memorable sites you will fly over during your trip are Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, and Chola Pass.
  • Feel yourself atop Everest on a helicopter ride, and you can overlook the grand views quickly.
  • Arrive at Lukla and venture further in a Heli over Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.
  • The scenic flight from Kathmandu through the heights of Mt. Everest displays panoramic views.
  • Best panorama of green alpine forests, rhododendron bushes, pine trees, the Khumbu glacier, and rocky pyramid mountains.
  • The easy booking for the Helicopter package in 2024, 2025, and 2026 is available. 
  • For budget-minded tourists, travel booking at the lowest cost is promised. Amazing 360° panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, including Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and other moving ones.
  • The blissful natural scenery of Sagarmatha National Park.
  • The magnificent display of the Himalayas' glacier range in the Khumbu region.

Benefits of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Package With Us

Here are some of the benefits for travelers on the booking of Everest base Camp heli with Everest View landing below:

  • Benefit from a transfer service to the Kathmandu airport and the hotel afterward. No more dealing with traffic jams and complicated plans.
  • Experience the magnificence of the Everest range on a shared helicopter tour of 5 passengers only.
  • Lukla land for thrilling views.
  • You can see famous landmarks like Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, Chola Pass, and Gokyo Valley from a bird' s-eyebird's view.
  • The one-day Everest helicopter trip package is available for reservation at any time of the year. 
  • Taste a hearty breakfast (not included) on the balcony of Everest View Hotel, the world's highest hotel, with views of the mountains.
  • We have an oxygen well-being board ready for emergencies and provide life insurance for each passenger during the flight.
  • The easy booking for the Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour package in 2024, 2025, and 2026 is available.
  • All service charges and government taxes applied at Adventure Altitude Treks are included in the cost, so you don't have to worry about being charged extra by the end of the Heli trip.

Customized Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour for Celebrating Occasions 

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the ultimate adrenaline-inducing way to toast life's happiest moments. We tailor our packages to fit your different needs for any occasion, milestone, and desire that will leave you with a long-term memory. Take the birthday to another level by booking a helicopter flight to the base camp of Mt. Everest with Everest View landing. It could be a 'me time' activity or a surprise gift for your loved one enjoying the incredible Himalayas views with champagne, cake, etc. 

With our romantic helicopter flight, you can have an unforgettable trip to the base camp. In the Himalayas, with the stunning beauty surrounding you, you can propose to your partner in a way that will make them speechless. In addition, the helicopter flyover is ideal for those who are short on time and don't have time to walk to Everest Base Camp. From the safety of a helicopter, you can appreciate the beauty of the world's tallest mountain. A trip by helicopter to the Everest Base Camp will grant you the chance to climb the Himalayas. Now, you will not need to trek on those hard trails; you can hop on a helicopter that will take you directly to the highest mountain's base. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Cancellation Policy

We recognize the possibility of unplanned events, which may lead to cancellations of guests' trips or cancellations by the company. Here are some of the things to know about the Helicopter to Everest Cancellation policy at Adventure Altitude Treks:

  • The company reserves the right to cancel or postpone the trip without prior notice in case of weather instability, political disturbances, natural disasters, etc.
  • A full refund will be made in case of cancellation at least 24 hours before the tour.
  • No refund for cancellations 24 hours before the tour commences.
  • No changes are permitted 24 hours before the tour.
  • Guests can opt for a different date or receive a full refund in case of tour cancellation due to bad weather.
  • The tour must have a minimum of 5 participants. If the tour is canceled due to a lack of participants, the guest can opt for another date or alternative tour and get a full refund.
  • We take security and client gratification very seriously. We aim to provide a hassle-free experience even in the most unpredictable circumstances.

Private Or Group Sharing Everest Helicopter Tour Cost 2024 and 2025

Want the Helicopter all to yourself or prefer splitting the cost with others? Private tours mean you have the helicopter exclusively for your group, so you can freely explore wherever interests you. Shared tours are more budget-friendly since you share the ride and cost with other travelers. Both options will give you an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Group Sharing Everest Helicopter Tour Cost

A group-sharing helicopter tour flyover EBC costs $1250 with an immediate confirmation option, valid for 2024 and 2025. Adventure Altitude Treks provides daily fixed tour packages where you can travel with travelers worldwide. You can find the dates of our flights, browse among them, and choose the one that suits you best. Then, we will book your guaranteed Helicopter flight ticket. For travelers who prefer a more private experience, there is an option to select a private group size of 1 to 5 guests.

Private Helicopter Tour Cost 

In 2024 and 2025, the cost for a private helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp ranges between $4950 and USD 1150 per person. The advantage of booking a private helicopter tour is that the helicopter can fly virtually any route. You could book this trip for tonight and take an early flight to get there by tomorrow. Instead of asking your travel companions about the details of the private Helicopter trip to Mount Everest, make the trip for yourself only. 

Is the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour worth it?

The Everest base camp helicopter tour is a bucket list item worth every penny for many visitors. The dramatic Himalayan scenery, a chance to glimpse Mount Everest up close, and the bragging rights of landing at the iconic Everest View Hotel make the premium pricing worthwhile. If budget is a concern, a shared tour still provides an unparalleled experience you'll cherish for life. The memories from this once-in-a-lifetime journey will stay with you forever. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost 2024 and 2025

The Everest base Camp Helicopter Tour with Everest Hotel View landing Cost starts at $1150 per person in 2024 and 2025. The cost fluctuates based on the number of people in a group. 

You can fly over the  Everest Base Camp, KalaPatthar, and land at Everest View Hotel on Adventure Altitude Treks. You can opt for a budget-friendly group tour or a high-end private trip that suits your style. We offer a great opportunity for two persons to join a helicopter tour at a very affordable price (we generally charge around USD 1150 per person). For those who want privacy, our private helicopter charters guarantee flexibility as you choose your itinerary.

Group Sharing Everest Helicopter Tour with Everest View Hotel Landing Cost 2024

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Private Everest Helicopter Tour with Everest View Hotel landing Cost 2024

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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost and Itinerary

One Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour costs $1250 per person if you join a group Heli trip. The helicopter tour itinerary includes an Overfly at Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, and a landing at Everest View Hotel, a one-day program. The trip lasts about 5-6 hrs. For any information or to book this Everest Heli trip, contact Adventure Altitude Treks at +977 9845449032 or email [email protected]. The activities below are part of our travel Itinerary to make this journey remarkable.

    Early Morning Airport Transfer

    Our company representative will come to pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and drive you to the airport. Do not forget to bring along your ID card and all the documents required for the helicopter tour. After around 20 to 30 minutes of driving, you will get to the airport. 

    Security check and transfer to the helicopter

    At the airport, you will be checked by security by the airport staff. Following security clearance, passengers will get a comprehensive pre-brief of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Itinerary covering tour activities, safety guidelines, and emergency procedures. The staff will lead passengers through the dos and don'ts, ensuring everyone is well-informed and ready for the coming experience. The pre-briefing is done, and the passengers will be taken to the helicopter. The helicopter provides the passengers with all contemporary features and comfortable seats. Thus, the helicopter travels safely and comfortably. As people settle into their seats, the experienced pilot initiates the takeoff procedure from Kathmandu. 

    Scenic Flight From Kathmandu

    As the helicopter begins its journey, prepare for a stunning aerial trip through the Himalayan sky under the bright turquoise sky of the Himalayas. Fall in love with a vision of Kathmandu city and valley as it is located amidst an array of green hills full of houses and terraced farms. Enjoy the wonders of the world-class 360° panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range and fly down to the east through a spiral. Through the wide window scene, one can view the farmlands of Nepal and picturesque sceneries, including hills and valleys.

    Landing and Refuelling at Lukla

    Then, the helicopter turns northeast, heading for the small mountain airport named Tenzing & Hillary Airport, named by the late great climbers. Lukla is best known for being a busy airport and one of the most dangerous. It is also the airport's starting point for a number of destinations located in high Khumbu places, including the Everest base Camp. Once landed in Lukla, the Everest base Camp heli passengers enjoy a 10 - 15 minute free time during helicopter refuelling at Lukla. It may look like a short break – nevertheless, these precautions are the keys to a successful tour as they ensure the riders ride in the endless scenery of the Himalayas without any problem.

    Fly Towards the Everest

    After completing fueling tasks, the helicopter heads for the main destination area. The place is the astounding Khumbu region, which lies at the heart of the Khumbu region. The scenario changes rapidly into something even more amazing than you can imagine when you approach Everest Base Camp. The sparkling Dudh-Koshi river, which looks like a mark dividing two paradises, meanders smoothly as it flows past you. The flight proceeds over the well-known sites of Namche Bazaar, Khumjung, and Phortse, which stand out, with the summit of Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam in the background. Impressive Mount. To your right lies Cho-Oyu, the sixth-highest peak in the world. The flight takes over the Pangboche and Periche villages. 

    Flyover Base Camp and Kala Patthar 

    Soon, the peak hour arrives, and we fly above the famous Everest base camp and Kala Patthar. The passengers will be in this fascinating world as the helicopter soars above these top-notch locations. Then, you continue to climb the pass at Thukla, where you see Cho-La pass left and the Lobuche peak ahead, with the settlement and lodges around it. You will enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Pumori, among other peaks, as well.

    Finally, you fly over the Khumbu Glacier towards Gorakshep village on the way to the Everest base camp. Next, the helicopter rises above the base camp, where many tents and climbers are getting ready for their Everest expeditions. The multicoloured group of tents, Base Camp, is the undefeatable proof of man’s unbeatable spirit. On the other side is Kala Patthar, whose stature offers unmatched views of the Everest range. This is the chance for the travellers to take pictures with other graphics that will remind them of one unique time in their lives.

    Note: As per the CAAN rules, the Everest base Camp helicopter will not land at Kala Patthar or Everest Base Camp.

    Helicopter ride to Hotel Everest View

    At this point, after enjoying a bird' s-eye view of Everest, g.g., Everest base camp, Kala Patter, etc., you will arrive at the world-famous Everest View Hotel, situated at 3880 metres. The settings are amazing. 

    En route you can see Namche and the village in this enchanting valley. You will also be allotted around an hour for the tour around the Everest View Hotel. With a little over an hour free, you can enjoy the delightful breakfast in the spectacular mountain scenery of Ama Dablam and Mt. Everest.  It certainly is a golden moment. Our balcony is a great place to see Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Tawache, and Thamserku among the many other mountains.

    Helicopter Flight back to Kathmandu

    We end our beautiful break at Hotel Everest View and return to Lukla for refuelling. Lastly, we will fly towards Kathmandu via the grandest of the sceneries. After getting off the helicopter, you go through the immigration process and proceed to the domestic part of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu. Upon your arrival at the TIA domestic terminal exit, you will be greeted by an Adventure Altitude Treks representative who will escort you to your preferred hotel by car.

    Not satisfied with this regular itinerary?

    Are you interested on planning custom trip? Feel free to contact us.

    Map & Altitude Graph
    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour map
    Cost Details
    What's Included
    • Airport pick-up drop
    • Welcome Dinner 
    • Government tax and permits
    • Helicopter tour Everest base camp with Kala Patthar landing
    • company certificates
    What's Excluded
    • Meals  
    • Personal Expenses
    • Drinks 
    • Tour Equipment 
    • Hotel in Kathmandu
    Useful Info

    Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour 

    Helicopter Flyovers to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar can be done annually. Still, Autumn and Spring are the ideal seasons. Everest Base Camp helicopter flights will not be conducted in unfavourable and poor weather conditions. Our experts look at the weather forecast in advance to design a pleasant helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp in a helicopter.

    Spring (March to May)

    The spring season, from March to May, is the best time for an Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. During this time, the skies are generally clear, giving you panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks. The temperatures are also pleasant, ranging from 15 to 25°C, making it comfortable to explore the area.

    Summer (June to August)

    The summer monsoon season from June to August is not ideal for a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp. The heavy rainfall and thick cloud cover mean the visibility and flying conditions are poor. The rain also makes the trails very muddy and slippery, and the leeches come out in full force. Unless you want to experience the challenges of the monsoon, it's best to avoid these months.

    Autumn (September to November)

    From September to November, autumn can also be a lovely time to visit Everest Base Camp. The rains have cleared, the skies are crisp and clear again, and the temperatures are cool but comfortable. The autumn foliage emerges towards the end of the season, dotting the hills with shades of red and gold. The trails are also less crowded after the busy spring season. So, if you want to beat the crowds, autumn is a great choice.

    Winter (December to February)

    The winter months from December to February are very cold at Everest Base Camp, with temperatures dropping below freezing. While the clear skies provide excellent visibility, the freezing temperatures can be quite uncomfortable, especially when flying in an open-door helicopter. The trails also tend to be icy and snow-covered, making it difficult to explore the area. So, unless you want to experience a true Himalayan winter, avoiding the winter season for a helicopter tour is best.

    Is Everest Base Camp Heli Tour Right for You?

    Yes, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Everest View Landing is the right tour to choose if you are a traveller with limited time in Nepal and want to reach Everest in just a single day. Here are some reasons why this one-day Heli trip is the right package for you to choose:

    • Ever dreamed of seeing the tallest peak on Earth up close without the strenuous trek? The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is perfect for you. In just a couple of hours, you'll be transported to the base of the mighty Mt. Everest, an unforgettable experience you'll cherish forever.
    • Unlike the multi-day hike to reach Everest Base Camp, the helicopter tour gets you there in comfort and style. The high-altitude flight offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and the lush Khumbu Valley far below. 
    • No overnight stays in basic teahouses or challenging climbs are required. 
    • The 5-6 hr flight from Kathmandu over EBC and Kala Patthar takes you over some of the planet's most spectacular mountains. 
    • As your helicopter soars by, look out for Makalu, Lhotse, and Nuptse. Circle around the towering peak of Everest itself, then land at the iconic yellow tents of base camp, perched at 17,600 feet.
    • If the idea of trekking for days at high elevation makes you queasy, a helicopter tour is the perfect way to experience the thrill of the Himalayas without the physical demands. Anyone can take part, regardless of age or fitness level. The quick flight up and scenic descent back to Kathmandu means limited exposure to altitude sickness.
    • Whether you're an avid mountaineer or an armchair adventurer, seeing Mt. Everest in person is a bucket list item for many. A helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp offers a comfortable, exhilarating way to fulfil that dream and gain a new appreciation for the roof of the world.

    Weight Limitation Of Flying Helicopter In Everest Region

    The thin air at high altitudes means helicopters must work harder to generate lift and stay airborne, limiting their weight when flying in the Everest region. Most helicopters can only take five passengers. The weight limit for passengers travelling from Kathmandu to Lukla is 500 kg. However, the weight limit decreases to 250 kilograms for flights from Lukla to Kala Patthar/base camp.

    As helicopters ascend higher into the mountains, the air density drops significantly. This causes the rotor blades to become less efficient, requiring more power to produce the same amount of lift. Some helicopters may not have enough power to hover or safely land and take off at extreme altitudes. The pilot must consider the weight of passengers and fuel to ensure the craft has enough power to operate safely at all points during the flight.

    The pilot must balance the helicopter's weight so that it does not exceed the maximum lift available at higher altitudes. If it is too heavy, the helicopter will not ascend and may even start to descend, putting it in danger of crashing into mountain sides. For your safety, weight limits are strictly enforced before takeoff.

    The maximum passenger weight from Kathmandu to Lukla is 500 kg, and the same is 250 kg from Lukla to Kala Patthar/ base camp. This is the most crucial aspect of keeping the correct balance and speed. If the weight of the whole group goes beyond, the group will be divided into several helicopters.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Permits Required

    This helicopter tour requires two permits to get into Sagarmatha National Park and obtain a Khumbu municipality entry permit. Here are some details about the permits below:

    • Sagarmatha National Park entry permits are compulsory for all visitors. The price is Rs.3,000 per person, which is equal to 30 U.S. dollars. 
    • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Permit: You must also pay the local government entry permit, which is 2000 rupees per person or 20 USD. In addition to the national park permit, tourists are also assigned an entry permit for the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality, the administrative area surrounding Everest.

    Additional Information to Know For Everest base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Altitude Sickness

    Kala Patthar sits at a lung-crushing 18,192 feet above sea level. At this altitude, oxygen levels are about 60% of those at sea level, so altitude sickness is widespread. Symptoms like nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath can appear within hours of landing. The pilots carefully monitor weather conditions to ascend and descend as rapidly as possible, but you must still be cautious. Stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and heavy foods, and take it slow. Descend immediately if symptoms become severe.

    Weather Conditions

    The weather in the Himalayas is notoriously unpredictable and can change rapidly. Although we at Adventure Altitude Treks carefully evaluate conditions before each flight, unexpected snowstorms or high winds could impact a helicopter flyover around Everest. As a safety precaution, the pilot may turn around early if the weather deteriorates during the flight. Your safety is the top priority, so their judgement calls must be respected.

    Airport Tax

    Tribhuvan International Airport has imposed an airport tax that every traveller must pay for 500 NPR or 5 USD.

    Hotel Everest View Breakfast Cost

    Breakfast at the Everest View Hotel is not included in the package. Plan to pay approximately USD 32 (or 4,000 Nepali rupees) per person to dine at the Hotel Everest View. This cost may vary slightly depending on your specific meal choices.

    How To Make Booking for Group or Private Everest Helicopter Tour Online?

    Make Booking for Group helicopter Tour in 2024 and 2025

    • Check Availability: Click the "Check Availability" button to view group departures' dates and prices. We offer daily flights and cater to groups with as few as one passenger to as many as 50 persons.
    • Choose Your Dates: Select the month of the trip and the specific date, then hit "Book Now."
    • Traveller Details: Travellers choose the number of people in their groups and fill out the booking form. Then, they click "Proceed to Payment."
    • Secure Payment: We admit such major credit cards as (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Union Pay) using a secure 3D Secure Payment Processing system. The card details are saved safely!
    • Confirmation & Follow-up: Please note that the receipt of an instant email confirming the booking will be sent to you immediately, and our team will follow the information indicated in the booking.

    Make Booking For Private Everest Helicopter Trip

    • Request a Private Trip: Click "Book A Private Trip" to search for departure dates and pricing.
    • Select Your Date: Please pick the day you like the most for your private tour.
    • Complete Payment & Confirmation: Similar to the group booking process (as mentioned above), steps 3 and 4 are the same as the travel process.

    Booking Deposit

    A 20% advance payment is required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is due upon arrival in Kathmandu.

    Booking in Advance

    While last-minute bookings are possible (2-4 days prior), we highly recommend booking months in advance, especially during peak seasons. Booking 10-12 days prior is ideal for a smooth process and guaranteed flight take-offs. In exceptional cases, last-minute booking (24 hours) might be available at Adventure Altitude Treks for 2024 and 2025. 

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    What to pack for  A Day EBC Helicopter Tour?

    Safety is the foremost concern about the EBC helicopter tour and other adventures in Nepal. Here are some of the things to carry for your Mount Everest base Camp Flyover Heli trip:

    • A good quality camera or a mobile phone for capturing memorable moments.
    • Sunscreen and lip balm to protect from the sun's rays.
    • Wear warm and wind-proof clothes such as long-sleeved shirts.A sunhat for protection during outdoor activities, including breakfast at Hotel Everest View.
    • A day backpack for carrying the essentials with ease.
    • Up to 2 bottles of mineral water to stay hydrated.
    • Light snacks, dried fruits, or chocolate in the afternoon to maintain energy levels.
    • Some money for future shopping.

    What Are the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Rules 2024 and 2025?

    • During the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour in 2024 and 2025, tourists must adhere to the following rules:
    • Follow the pilot's instructions, which is always important inside the helicopter.
    • Keep discipline during the entire tour.
    • Forge a cooperative atmosphere between your fellow drivers.
    • Watch out for the hatchway while watching the outside scenery inside the helicopter.
    • Stick to the instructions the tour guide offers so you can have a more delightful hiking adventure.
    • Do not throw anything outside.
    • Do not smoke, as smoking is prohibited during your flight.
    • The helicopter will gain an altitude of 23000 ft .


    • During the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, the helicopters fly at various altitudes depending on the itinerary. However, on average, the helicopters fly at around 15,000 feet above sea level.

    • The maximum load a helicopter can carry is about 300 kg or 3 persons. Due to high altitude and oxygen deficiency to burn the fuel, the helicopter can carry only the mentioned weight or persons and drop them at Lukla. Then the helicopter will return to Kalapatthar to pick up remaining guests. 


    • Mostly, rescue is important  due to high Alitude sickness problem, when  Emergency  rescue is needed for clients .we will mange  this kind of service for costumer. If you are insured for travelling , all the costs and transportation is paid by your insurance. Therefore we recommend our clients to have travel insurance before starting any trek. 


    • Yes,we accept  both cards but you need to pay 4 % extra additional charge.

    • Adventure altitude treks term and conditions is very reliable . If you plan is cancelled by unavoidable circumstances like natural calamaties in the trekking region , sickness or any other personal problems , don't forget to inform us as soon as possible via the means we have provided. 


    • Gorkhchep to Lukla by chopper is another very popular tour in everest region for those who don't have enough time to trek for extra days in mountain. Those people have golden oppurtunity to do this trip. Starting from Kathmandu to Lukla by plane, one can start trekking into the vast wildlands of Himalayan region for 8 days with an oppurtunity to experience local culture, life style, farming place , green forest, river with waterfalls and many more. When you reach the everest base camp  you feel like you have achieved a huge achievement. Normally, trekkers who have enough time, trek back to Lukla but those who have short time can book a helicopter flight to Lukla from Gorekshep. From Lukla to kathmandu by plane.

    • All things are well prepared and we are informed before we start the tour . If the bad weather condition persists , we can postpone the trip to next day. If the weather begins to change during the trip , we have no other options except to understand that weather in mountainous region can change and have to go with the flow. 


    • Everest base camp is one of the highest base camps in all around the  world which is located in the south-eastern part of  Nepal. Anyone who witnesses the massive Mount Everest gains a lifetime experience of good and adventurous memories. The only time a helicopter lands at Everst Base Camp is to supply supplements like food , climbing equipments , rescue operations for climbers. Even for that one should inform The government to access a permit to carry out those task.

    • Landing at Kalapathar during Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is short timed because of temperature. Even during afternoon the temperature falls below 5 degree Celcius. Because of such cold weather , helicopter engine should continuously roll.  Once the engine is off , it is very hard to start again as combustion of gas is very hard due to cold weather and lack of sufficient oxygen. Another point for stopping only for short period of time at Kalapatthar is , travellers will have no time to acclimatize themselves on such high altitudes which may cause altitude sickess to them . To avoid such problems , the helicopter landing time is very short at Kalapatthar.

    • Yes, the full refund policy is available. To know more , please contact us or read our refund policy. 


    • Our flights take off only after a comprehensive inspection of weather and wind direction in the Everest region. After the experts have finally signaled that it is safe to fly, only then did we execute the tour.

      Safety is the primary concern of our agency. Our aircraft go through repeated maintenance and checkups to eradicate all the possible consequences. They are flown by some of the best-in-class pilots who have been awarded numerous times.

      Moreover, it is important to note that we will not stay at Kala Patthar for more than 15 minutes since it is located at a very high altitude. Since we will gain such heights (5,545m) in such a short time, staying for long may cause health hazards.

    • We provide special offers in Nepalese New Year that falls on 1st Baisakh and March, April, May. Kindly contact us for more information.


    • Best time to do Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is September to November and January to July.


    • Since Khumbu region is bordered with Tibet, most of the people in this region follow Tibetian Culture. Majority of people follow Buddhism but some of the people follow Bon. You can see men and women wearing tradtional Sherpa attire. 


    • Yes, there is alternate option to complete this trip. Instead of taking helicopter from Kathmandu , you can take a flight via plane to Lukla and then start the helicopter tour from there. This way you will save some money . From there the helicopter will take you to Kalapatthar, stops there for 15 minutes and fly you to Everest VIew Hotel for breakfast. After spending some time at the hotel , the helicopter will fly you back to Lukla and drops you there. Here you have the options to stay one night and explore the area or you can take a flight back to Kathmandu via plane.


    • After an amazing trip to Kalapatthar , the helicopter lands at Everest View Hotel for breakfast. Here , you are served with warm and tasty authentic Himalayan brekafast . You will enjoy not only the breakfast but also the beautiful panoramic mountain view of Everest and the surrounding peaks, varied landscapes , alpine forests , beautiful Sherpa village of Khumjung, and ancient Tibetian Monasteries. 

    • Kalapatthar got its name from the black stone deposit. The height of Kalapatthar is 5550 m . One can see the amazing view of Mount Everest and other 8000ers like mount Lhotse from Klapatthar. The other places of interest that can be observed clearly from Kalapatthar are Khumbu Icefall , Third camp of Everest , Nuptse mountain , Pumori mountain etc. During the flight , you can also see Hillary Step. You can experience magnificent panoramic mountainscapes of the Everest region including mighty Mount Everest and other surrounding peaks once you land at Kalapatthar. 


    • Booking for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Nepal can be done with Adventure Altitude Treks and Expeditions via phone, email, or social channels. Email us at [email protected] to learn more about booking and required documents. If you wish to consult with a travel expert, you can do that too for free. Ring us at +977 9851083025 or leave an email at the given address. 


    • Kala Patthar is the highest point during the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour which lies at an altitude of 5,545m. It is located slightly higher than the Everest Base Camp which is why most prefer to land at Kala Patthar rather than the base camp.


    • The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour takes about 4 to 5 hours for completion. However, the helicopter will fly for approximately 2-3 hours All together. There will be 15 to 30 minutes of layover in between.

      3.What is the highest altitude that we reach during the Everest Helicopter tour?

      Kala Patthar is the highest point during the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour which lies at an altitude of 5,545m. It is located slightly higher than the Everest Base Camp which is why most prefer to land at Kala Patthar rather than the base camp.

    What Our Clients Say...
    • E
      Elijah SantosDenmarkNovember 28, 2023
      rating star

      Great Experience Aerial Amazement

      Even though the weather caused some delays in departing, Rohit’s team ensured continuous communication and updates, so I was confident of our eventual departure. The flight was terrific; it provided the chance to see Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, and a mountain scenery breakfast stopover at Syangboche. Upon returning to Kathmandu, I went to Rohit at Thamel and appreciated him for the perfect trip. I would suggest choosing Adventure Altitude Treks because of their professionalism and good manners, which will also provide you with a beautiful helicopter flight to Everest.

    • C
      Charlotte AliMacauNovember 08, 2023
      rating star

      Thrilling Heights

      This magnificent trip was very nice and better than I imagined after proper preparation. Rohit's and Raju's commitment guaranteed that everything would be fine even on scheduled departure dates. The view of Everest standing majestic before me after reaching Kala Patthar left me almost speechless. Glaciers and moraines were awe-inspiring when looking down from that angle towards the Khumbu Icefall. Also, the price of the tour was another great benefit. I'm already planning my next trip with them, this time to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal; I'll see you again!

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