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Lukla: The first place people think of the Everest region is the Tenzing-Hillary airport at Lukla. Considered one of the most adventurous and dangerous airports in the world, flying through clouds and in between high hills on a twin otter gives anyone a sense of great adventure. The landing and taking off is crucial. Just a little miscalculation can trigger fatal consequences. Because of the short airstrip and high hills surrounding the airport, only small-sized twin otter that carries a maximum of 16-18 passengers are allowed to land. Also called the gateway to Everest, Lukla offers you all of the services needed including wi-fi, communication networks, a french bakery, cafes, pubs, etc.

  • Trekking Gears and Equipments

    Trekking in Nepal varies from easy to hard depending on factors like the trekking region, trekking weather, group or solo, with a guide and assistant, or without them. Trekking in Nepal is a multi-day walk in the mountainous region of Nepal. Since Nepal is a mountainous country with 8 of ...

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  • Protected Areas and Ecosystems of Nepal

    Protected Areas: For species, habitats, and peopleProtected areas (PAs) have been established for a level of protection of ecosystems, biological processes and species. According to IUCN and UN Environment's World Conservation Monitoring Centre, there are 238,563 designated protected areas as of July 2018. Most areas are on land, and collectively ...

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  • Visa Info

    Nepal Visa Details A single-entry visa valid for 15/30/90 days costs US$25/40/100.SAARC countries can get a 30-day visa for free on arrival. Indian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Nepal. Multiple-entry visas are useful if you are planning a side trip to Tibet, Bhutan or India and cost US$20 extra.Get ...

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