Child Sponsorship Program

Of the total population living in Nepal , 25% percanetage are living below the poverty line . There are many cause for this ,illiteracy being the main. Also the geographical conditions of this beautiful himalayan country makes it extremely difficult for the Government of Nepal to carry out development works and transportation of facilities in those area . The low income of those people aids in increasing high mortality rate , malnutrition rate and illiteracy rate. 

We, at Adventure Altitude Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd, have been bringing happiness to our clients for a long time . But we don't want to limit the boundary of bringing happiness to our clients only . As a part of our social responsibility , we have been providing 5% our total benefit to the childrens of rural areas as a charity . Every year , on May we hand over the charity directly to those in Need . As education has become a basic need in this fast paced world , we want no one to get deprived of being educated . Keeping this in mind , the amount from our charity goes into nourishment and education of those underprevilaged children of the rural areas. Not only that , we have facilitated volunteers from different countries who want to bring happiness to those children. 

Till now , we are providing 5% of our total benefit as a charity but it's not enough to make a huge difference so we are searching for donors who would like to participate in this beautiful and life changing cause by donating whatever they can.