Helicopter Trip to Everest Base Camp On Discount

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Do you want to tour Everest? Are you still Looking for Everest Base Camp Last Minute Helicopter Tour at a discount price? Yes? Here are the answers: at Adventure Altitude Treks, we provide affordable travel packages for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour.

Maybe you imagined yourself in the shadow of Mount Everest with its amazing scenery, feeling the power and all these wonders of nature's grandeur. What if I tell you you can now enjoy an extraordinary helicopter tour cheaply? Yes, that's right! We have great deals and discounts on Everest Base Camp helicopter Tour, Everest Base Camp Trek and last-minute helicopter tours. 

Travellers who are comfortable travelling mostly in small groups mainly benefit from these discounts. We organize discounts or special rates for individual day trips when we have enough tour participants. Therefore, if you wish to journey on any dates we offer, you can book an online adventure to Nepal with adventure altitude treks. 

Flights to Everest base camp come true for many adventure lovers as it takes a lifetime dream to reality. One cannot go on a journey and not glance at the tallest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, and its tallest peak – Mount Everest. These helicopter tours may seem costly, but travellers can still get an opportunity to enjoy that remarkable experience cheaply through some offers when discounts are offered at certain periods of the year.

Timing is always one of the biggest factors to consider to get a discount on the kathmandu to mount everest helicopter tour. 

With this in mind, during the off-season, falling in June and September, one can get discounted bargains. At this period, the climate might not favor much due to rain clouds and other phenomena. However, it could be lucky to see the beautiful ranges of the mountain.

Discount opportunities are also presented during the festive seasons. A helicopter tour From Kathmandu to Mount Everest is a very popular option during the Christmas and New Year period. During this time, people usually spend time with families, thereby reducing the overall demand. Tour operators usually use these holidays to provide special offers to lure travellers. Imagine celebrating the arrival of the New Year with a champagne toast at the base of the world's tallest mountain.

Another alternative would be group joining, whose costs are also cheap. Many tour operators run group tours where multiple tourists split the costs for a helicopter trip to Everest base camp. It can considerably cut per person price and allow travellers to enjoy all the breathtaking views of the regions of Everest without much money spent.

Other discounts are also key and should be compared between different operators before making up one's mind about selecting one. Search for offers involving a helicopter tour, food, and other services. Occasionally, many deals offer an economical tour around Mt Everest's base camp. 

The helicopter trip to the Everest Base camp may even involve some small discounts, but still, it’s always an expensive premium-class experience. Still, the recollections and splendid vista will be worth a fortune.

So, if you have ever fantasised about standing behind Mount Everest and seeing some of the Himalayas from above, it may be a good idea to consider discounted prices on offer in low seasons, festive holidays, or group packages to afford such a unique experience of a lifetime on a tight budget.

Here we will discuss more about the helicopter tours and discover ways to fulfil the desire to get to the base camp of Everest on discount. Similarly, we will discover the costs, benefits, best time and many more details for such a memorable trip. This blog will serve as your ultimate guide.

At the same time, you engage yourself either as an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover looking for an adrenalin fix or a glimpse of the splendour of the mountains of the Himalayas.

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What is Helicopter Trip to Everest Base Camp On Discount

Take advantage of our amazing deal that will allow you to experience the greatest adventure –helicopter trip to Everest base camp. This tour will take you from Kathmandu to the breathtaking Everest Base Camp at 5,346 m.

We will land a helicopter at Kala Patthar, one of the best vantage points, where you can appreciate the splendour of the Himalayan mountain range. It only takes an hour from Kathmandu to Kala Patthar.

This exclusive tour is ideal for people who intend to see the grandeur of Mt. Everest but cannot go trekking. The best part? The Helicopter Day Tour is open to all age groups. The surroundings, filled with stunning landscapes and snowy tops, create an impression that you are really into the very heart of the Himalayas. Do not lose your chance to reach Everest Base Camp at the lowest fares ever.

Amazing discount offer for an awesome trip to the base camp of Everest starts early in the morning. You will take an affordable heli flight from Tribhuvan Airport to Everest Base Camp.

Then, we'll take you to the Kala Patthar and then to the Everest View Hotel, where you will have your breakfast and spend time together with local people. This is a hard goodbye, but we must return to Kathmandu. Finally, you will be taken back to Kathmandu airport before going to your hotel, as you enjoy some of the remaining amazing views from a helicopter.

Helicopter Trip to Everest base Camp is a popular package mostly chosen for its excellence and great experience. You will have a chance to see breathtaking scenery as you get a window seat in return. Taking a flight to Everest Base Camp serves as a luxury excursion at the foot of the Himalayas. The journey is truly unmatched.

The towering peaks of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Cho Oyu, Thamserku, Cholatse, and more surround you. In addition, you will see charming Sherpa villages, monasteries, and colourful prayer flags enriching the landscape.

For those looking for last-minute deals, we offer affordable rates for online bookings. We also provide affordable rates for our Everest Base Camp trek so you can be assured of reliable services and flexibility while on vacation.

In this discounted EBC trek package, we include flights from Kathmandu to Lukla, three meals per day, accommodation at tea houses, a porter for every 2 trekkers, as well as an experienced English-knowing local guide.

We keep reminding you about the trek and helciopter tour to Everest Base Camp via our newsletter and popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every year to ensure you enjoy discounts. Before you leave, don't forget to check out our last minute deals, specials and what we offer best.

Best Time to Get Everest Base Camp On Discount

When planning yourHelicopter Trip to Everest base Camp, it's not only about reaching new heights but also saving some money along the way. Despite the Himalayas being fabulous always, there is a way of getting this tour by paying less price during other periods. Let's explore ways to make your Everest Base Camp trip less expensive below. 

Off-Season Months (June to August): 

In Nepal, during the monsoon, which occurs between June and August, the skies pour rain and make the whole landscape wet. Although this may discourage many travellers, it could provide a chance for your Everest base camp heli tour at a discounted rate.

With fewer tourists, tour operators may lure visitors with special deals and offers to fill their expedition slots.

Winter Months (December to February): 

Characteristic as the off-season, the winter season usually experiences a reduced number of visitors in December, January, and February.

Some people may find the chilly weather with the occasional snowfall unfavorable; however, for those who prefer a quieter and more private vacation experience, this is an excellent time. Low demand for helicopter tours in this period will offer discounts and great chances for spectacular views of the Himalayas.

Local Festivals (e.g., Dashain and Tihar): 

Nepal has many local festivals, and Dashain and Tihar are among the best.

These are days of joyous celebration; during such periods, tour operators might extend special tourism offers to share happiness with visitors. It's an opportunity to experience Nepalese tradition in an affordable setting and be prepared for the Everest base camp helicopter tour.

Last-Minute Bookings

Tour operators usually provide last-minute discounts if they realize that they have empty seats on the helicopter tours. Last-minute options may not always suit you because, as a traveler, you must have a degree of flexibility and spontaneity in your travel plans. Still, this deal can provide a cheaper yet fulfilling trip.

Group Bookings:

Booking a tour in a group is more economical since most tour operators offer great discounts for group booking. You will gain an unforgettable experience and financial reward by taking up a collective tour in this way.

Special Promotional Offers: 

To keep a watch on the different promotional offers from any tour operator, one should follow the websites or social media pages of concerned operators. Such promotions could emerge during different periods across a year, providing you with a chance to enjoy one-of-a-kind deals for your EBC trek.

Combination Packages

Sometimes, tour operators will give discounts for booking multiple activities or tours together. You may find great discounts by booking a combination of hiking and helicopter excursions for a fully loaded adventure at reasonable charges. For example: Everest Base Camp Trek by Helicopter Return. 

Repeat Customer Discounts

Ask the tour operator if they have any loyalty discounts available for you as you go into your next journey together. Many companies consider repeat customers and offer rewards that get you back for more.

Mid-Week Bookings

As for tourism, weekends are relatively very busy. Book for a midweek day of the helicopter tour to cut costs. Pay less on your travel ticket by taking a less popular departure time. 

Benefits of Helicopter Trip to Everest Base Camp On Discount

When embarking on a journey to the Everest Base Camp, adventurers usually have two primary choices: classic EBC Hike or opting for a more convenient option by reserving a helicopter journey. Though they are all good, let us discuss the benefits of a helicopter trip to EBC at a discount. 

Unmatched Aerial Views

Booking a Everest Base camp Helicopter Tour with Landing is appealing because it provides unmatched aerial views.

Up there, when you look down, the majestic Himalayas appear in front of your eyes. You will have a clear view of snow-covered mountains, picturesque valleys, and rough landscapes with no interruption, making every day a memorable experience. The big, beautiful, unobstructed picture windows on the helicopter let you take breathtaking photos of Mt Everest and its nearest summits.

Time Efficiency

A helicopter tour to Everest base camp offers an ideal expedition for those with a packed schedule and those who want to see as much as possible quickly.

A helicopter tour will bring you to your destination within a few hours instead of a long walk that may take more than 3 days.

This gives you enough to enjoy the scenery, picture it, and enjoy the majesty of the Himalayas. It is a great choice, especially for people with little time or who enjoy easier and more relaxing travel.

Avoiding the Rigors of Trekking

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a great undertaking that calls for fitness and enough preparation. 

However, booking a helicopter tour prevents the intensive exercises and tough hikes. 

This is perfect for people who do not possess enough strength to go on a long trek, as well as for travellers who want to enjoy the sceneries of the mountains while avoiding exhaustion associated with long hiking.

Personalised Experience

Kathmandu Mount Everest tour in Heli caters to a personal adventure not commonly found on overcrowded trekking trails. 

Given that the number of passengers is limited aboard a helicopter. This means you can easily talk to the captain, ask any questions, and, if possible, adjust your journey. 

Similarly, the helicopter tour can be tailored to accommodate your tastes, like staying in the base camp longer, taking off to nearby places like Gokyo Lakes for a tour, etc. 

Opportunity for Discounted Trips

Discounts are available when you book a helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp, making that one of the major benefits.  In addition, tour operators often provide special deals or packages that may ease the experience. 

This kind of discount may differ from time to time depending on the travel season and group size in case a company offers such promotions.  With a little research and flexibility with travelling, you can get into an affordable trip that suits your budget for such helicopter tours. 

A Safer Option

In every experience, safety is of utmost importance, especially in such tough terrain like that of the Himalayas. These helicopter rides are furnished with modern safety precautions, and they are conducted by professional pilots familiar with the challenges of the area.

Helicopter evacuation, in case of unexpected issues during the trip, could serve as an extra life insurance policy that is not available on regular hikes or travels.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

Take an amazing flight by helicopter to the Everest Base Camp with huge reductions in price in 2023 and 2024. EBC helicopter tour cost is determined according to your personal choice as well as the number in your group. While enjoying this incredible experience, the cost may increase if you want lots of service and equipment.

On the issue of costs, it all depends on the choices that you make. What will also be considered is the number on your team and whether you are travelling alone or joining other groups; this will affect the cost of your Everest Base Camp helicopter tour.

This special experience is available at a base price starting from USD US $999 per person described in the itinerary. That means that you will be charged US $999 per person if you are travelling alone. But the costs become cheaper if you are travelling in a group of five people with your friends or family members.

Daily group departure is available for singles and pairs who want to explore the area together with other like-minded people in peak season. We will organise your trip and find companions for explorations who will make this journey unforgettable for you.

Here's a breakdown of the cost for group joiners:

1 pax $1550

2 pax $1500

3 pax $1450

4 pax $1400

If further shuttles are needed due to the weight distribution, all additional costs thereof will be equally borne by the group. Importantly, group leave-taking has been discontinued for now. An extra cost may have to be paid if weight distribution necessitates shuttle buses, and several participants may share the cost.

We want your trip to be memorable for you, whether it's alone or with a companion. You will get the best of us at the lowest price. Do not let an opportunity slip by like that to observe Everest from the air.

How to Book a Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour On Discount?

Choosing the Right Operator

This becomes vital when booking a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp. Choosing the company that is established, has proved its safety, and provides a fair price is what will make sure the process is safe. Read through customer reviews and testimonials to verify their trustworthiness.

Timing Is Everything

Timing is critical to get a discount for an Everest base camp helicopter tour. Try going during the low season (generally in summer or winter). These are off-season months when prices are low, and there are few tourists, meaning you can be intimate with the majestic Himalayas.

Group Discounts

Are you planning to travel in a group with your friends or family? Many tour operators offer group discounts, reducing each individual’s cost share. Come together; ask for the best offer for your activity.

Book in Advance

You know, booking in advance leads to low prices. Plan your trip well and watch out for tour operator early bird promotions. Through this, you can ensure getting a seat at a more affordable rate.

Comparing Packages

Ensure you take your time to search and weigh out different tours. Some companies also provide different choices, for example, half-day, full-day, or extended tours. A close look at individual packages will guide you in picking the pocket-friendly package. 


Be sure to bargain with tour operators. They usually give prices, but they are ready for a discount, especially during the off-season. Bargaining may even turn out to be polite and respectful, thereby resulting in a better deal.

Keep an Eye on Promotions

Go through a few tour operator websites or social pages just to see if there are any special offers available. At other times, their offers and coupons may be less obvious but can amount to good money saving. You can also sign up for their newsletters and get some of these deals exclusively.

Consider Combination Packages

Most tour operators provide a combination package of transportation, stay, and even a helicopter tour. Such packages are of high-quality products, and they will give value for your money so long as you will be staying within that area longer than a week.

Be Flexible with Dates

When you want to do the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour, flexibility will become your friend because the last-minute bargain is possible. You will also be able to get cheap trips if your travel dates are flexible because tour operators sometimes have some special offers or just do not sell their trips at the last minute.

Where to Find Discounted Helicopter Trips

Now that you know most of the things about the Everest base camp helicopter tour, it's time to explore some of the reputable travel agencies and websites where you can find discounted helicopter trips:


There are many details and offers available about helicopter tours on TripAdvisor. The site allows you to access fellow travelers’ reviews, compare prices, and buy tour tickets online. In addition, TripAdvisor often has special offers specifically for their readers.

Helicopter Tours Companies

Visiting the sites of the leading tourist helicopter corporations in person is also a good idea. Most companies often provide discounts and package deals aimed at luring more customers.

Tour agencies like Adventure Altitude Treks 

You can visit adventure trekking organizations such as the “Adventure Altitude Treks,” which have close ties to many helicopter operators, and get good discounts while enjoying your adventures.

Trustpilot and Google Reviews

Always verify the trust pilot and Google reviews of a helicopter charter company. This is a good way to measure the performance and the reputation of the company. Positive reviews and high ratings usually accompany a reliable operator. Talking to other travellers is also another way of revealing the best-kept secrets.

Helicopter Trip to Everest Base Camp On Discount Itinerary 

Their trip starts in Kathmandu for the Everest base camp helicopter landing. The tour will begin at your hotel, where you will be transferred to the airport two hours before departure. The itinerary for this thrilling expedition can be broken down into different phases:

Phase 01:

You will take off from Kathmandu and head towards  Lukla. The flight duration is about 45 minutes. After reaching Lukla, your helicopter will land for the refuelling process. 

Phase 02:

While on your way from Lukla, you move along a route that leads to Kala Patthar, which is situated not far away from Everest Base Camp. The flight takes about 25 minutes and has a break of between 8 to 10 minutes. Your visit will not be complete without treating yourself to a close look at the awesome Mt. Everest and its surroundings at Kalapathar.

Phase 03:

From Kala Patthar, they move to Syangboche or the Everest View Hotel. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to reach this place, and then, you will take a short break of thirty minutes, where you will have breakfast at the Everest View Hotel. You can also order a champagne breakfast to make your tour more memorable.

Phase 04:

Your last phase involves another trip by air from Syangboche through Lukla and thence to Kathmandu. It takes about one hour and ten minutes to make this flight, during which it only stops for five minutes in Luka.

Remember, however, that the times given are just normal estimates, and the overall time of your journey is likely to fluctuate depending on weather conditions or crowded airspace.

Planning and Preparing for the Helicopter Trip

You must prepare yourself before undertaking this Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. This is where we will discuss what you are supposed to do physically to prepare yourself for the tour, as well as a packing list.

Physical Training

Helicopter tours to Everest base camp are exhausting because one flies in extreme altitudes and is not typically used to altitudes. Thus, it is recommended you start physical training at least two months before the tour to acclimatise and prepare your body for the altitude. Examples of such exercises include running, hiking, and doing yoga.

Running, cycling, and swimming are very useful to increase lung capacity and become a good cardiovascular athlete. Hikes are another good exercise that mimics these conditions and helps you gradually become accustomed to the height. Besides, practising yoga enhances one’s flexibility and breathing ability, which might aid in adapting better to elevation.

Packing List

Planning for a helicopter tour to the Everest base camp requires serious thought, and you must take every item you will need on the trip. Here’s a list of essential items to pack for the tour:

Warm clothing: It tends to be very cold in the Himalayas, particularly when one goes to a high altitude. As a result, one should carry warm clothes like thermal underwear, a puffy jacket, and a hoodie. 

Comfortable shoes: You explore the high-altitude area. Hence, comfortable shoes with decent grip should not be missing from your shopping list.*

Sunscreen and sunglasses: High elevations offer many benefits, but they expose you to the sun’s powerful rays, which may burn your skin and damage your eyes.

First aid kit: An outdoor activity must accompany a first aid kit, which should be kept with the basic items listed in the following paragraph. In addition, ensure you have band-aids, painkillers, and other medicines for altitude-induced sickness.

Camera:  You will have some of your most breath-taking views along the tour that you will want to immortalise in a photo. Remember to carry extra batteries and memory cards along as well.

Altitude Sickness

Any individual, irrespective of physical fitness and age, can be tormented by altitude sickness. As a result, one must be able to identify the symptoms associated with the condition as well as steps of precaution to observe. These are the common symptoms of altitude sickness, like a headache, nausea, lightheadedness, and difficulty breathing. Altitude sickness can be avoided by slow acclamation to high altitudes, drinking plenty of water, and abstaining from alcohol smoke.


The climate in Himalaya is erratic; hence, a traveller should always be ready for anything. Consider carrying along some rain gear just in case it rains during your ride or there is snow, and also bring additional outerwear for colder temperatures. Also, make your weather forecast before the tour to be well prepared.

Booking and Planning

Finally, you must book your discounted helicopter tour to the Everest base camp early enough for convenience. Also, plan your itinerary wisely, giving you the necessary adaptations and sightseeing time. Make sure you research the tour operator and read feedback to avoid having a bad time and enjoy.

Other Alternatives Tours and Treks in the Everest Region 

Final Say 

So this is all you wanted to know about the Heli trip to Everest base camp on a discount. If you have ever yearned to savor the enchanting environs of Everest Base Camp, here comes another reason for doing it now without delay at an appealing price.

However, this unique adventure will be cheap and convenient because it involves taking a helicopter ride through the beautiful scenery.

This is a discounted trip. Yet, our company aims at offering the best experiences to our customers.

Therefore, we cannot fail here. Safety during the entire trip is guaranteed by our qualified pilots and competent guides who have substantial experience in their work.

In addition, be assured that we are the experts and authorities in offering memorable and educational trips.

Do not let this opportunity go by you, as it will enable you to see the awesome mountain ranges of the region and embrace its unique cultures. Click here to purchase an affordable ticket for your helicopter flight to Everest base camp.

Rohit Subedi

Rohit Subedi

Hailing from the scenic expanse of Chitwan in Parsa, nestled adjacent to the enchanting Chitwan National Park, Mr. Rohit Subedi graces Adventure Altitude Treks as a seasoned Senior Accountant. Since his induction in 2018, immediately following the attainment of his master's degree, Rohit's journey has been marked by excellence. Elevating his role, our company entrusted him with the mantle of Tour Coordinator, specializing in crafting unparalleled journeys across Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.